Homemade lip balm container: clear step by step tutorial


Every self respecting lady pays attention to her appearance more or less and especially for one particular part of the face – the lips. Lips have always been  an attractive part every woman's face and that is why the lipstick and lip balm   play great role for the great look of the lips. If you … [Continue reading]

What to do with leftover building materials


After every innovation, rebuilding or improvement project in your home, there are usually a lot of paint, woods, bricks and other construction materials left after the work is complete. Instead of leaving them to take your free space in the garage or basement, you can use them for other purposes. … [Continue reading]

50 ideas to do on this Ganesha Chaturti


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Save money with these backyard DIY projects


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Homemade Aluminum Polish

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How to make Ganesha made using paper mache clay

Paper Mache Ganesh

hi,I used paper pulp and white ink powder….which is just like talcum powder …very smooth…. and the shiny effect u were asking about is the use … [Continue reading]