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How to make Popsicle stick Beautiful SHIP with lord krishna in it..!


Things needed:

popsicle sticks about 150
suitable color laces
decorative material
old spindle rolls

how to do:

First start with the base., in a irregular  hexagonal shape.. first keep three sticks on base and other three sticks on them this manner by alternating… make 12 to 13 layers for ship base.. and for the ship top.,as shown in the figure, make aalternating 1,3,5,7,… sticks layers.. and cover the base of top with popsicle its base,,attach a unjal(swing) made by using sticks and cover it with cloth.. now take a thread and insert decorative pearls into it ..tie thread base and tip and attach 4 threads to the swing and attach the treads tip to top of the ship…

next take 4 spindle rolls and cover them with a beautiful cloth by applying glue..on the spindle.. let it dry

next cover the base of ship base with sticks..apply glue on either side of opening of spindle rolls and attach them to base and top of ship..

next take some laces and decorate it..and attach an idol of some god or.. some toys and pour some color balls and small flowers in to the base… now decorate it in your way… here’s complete a beautiful dreams ship..!


The procedure is very simple. You have to arrange for terracotta material raw dolls or mask. Then you have to give them finishing by rubbing them with sand paper then color them with acrylic colors and decorate them with Kundan or laces etc. These raw dolls u can get from those guys who sell terracotta stuff.

How to make Pen Stand


I used POP and taken a waste ( empty power container) material as a base.
Made the little designs using m seal… painted with enamel colour and blown green dust at places…..