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Glass painting project: Photo-Frame

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. ~Twyla Tharp

As the chosen quotes goes, I also feel that whenever we are lonely or have some times for ourselves, we should use it constructively by living in the moment. Without watching TV or indulging in gossip we can use those few moments in nurturing our inner child or sweet memory from the past…so to keep our memory alive in our heart and eyes all we need to do is make a special photo-frame for our most beloved memory.

Things you need :
• A piece of clear glass (small, medium or large depending on the size of the photograph you want to frame)
• A design/pattern
• A bit of nail-polish remover
• A cotton ball
• A white piece of paper (same as the size of the glass)
• Glass color pack
• Sparkle dust
• A marker pen

Duration: 2 days.

First step:

Buy a glass from the local glass-shop. Start with a glass of medium thickness. Make sure the edges are not sharp as we don’t need bloodshed!!! Ask the seller to grind the edges.
Clean the Glass with nail polish remover and cotton.
Second Step:

Choose a suitable design/pattern for the photo frame. It’s better to choose anything which goes with the “sweet memory”. You can draw it yourself.
Here are some ideas:
Generally flowers, birds, vine-yard will be good to choose. For baby-photos cartoon characters’ or cute animals would go very well.For married couple or to present to your beloved love quotation or hearts will be just great.
The bottom line is you can choose anything you want and whatever it is, make sure it fits in well with in any of the 4 corners. You can go for pattern-borders also.

Third Step:

Place the photograph you are planning to frame, under the glass, and draw a border around with the marker .Place the pattern of your choice under the glass, in any corner of the glass. Now draw the pattern exactly on the glass with the black glass- liner provided with the glass color- set.
The borders of the photograph also needs to be drawn with the black glass liner. The outside of the border should be filled with a design, as for the beginner, it’s better to keep it simple. Draw zig/zag lines using the same black liner.
Now you are free for the day as the liner needs to be dried overnight. Keep the glass someplace safer.

Next Day::

Fourth Step:

Time to fill the colors. You can always experiment with colors!!
In this photo-frame I have used cherry red and golden yellow for the roses. In order to merge two colors together ,all you have to do is to fill a petal with cherry red a bit then rest with the golden yellow. Mix it with the nozzle of the color-tubes. Likewise you can color other petals’ and leaves’( for leaves I have used deep green and lemon yellow)
For the butterfly, magenta for the wings and brown for the body of the butterfly. I have used some blue sparkle dust on the wings to give the butterfly a simmering look.
For the background I have used turquoise .For the borders I have used yellow and purple( mix of turquoise and magenta)

Fifth step: Let it Dry for 24 hours. frame it with the picture.

Congratulate yourself .Now you have got your very own photo-frame .This may come within 70-80 rupees but will hold and cherish a lifetime of memory and happiness.
Bye. Be creative and be happy.

P.S. Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame. ~G.K. Chesterton

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