Inspiring Thursdays – Paintings by Marie-Claire Houmeau

French artist Marie-Claire started to paint in 2002. She changed her career to devote herself to art. Her paintings cover variety of subjects – still life, flowers, nature, Venice, Japan and Paris, scenes of the everyday life, and so on.





How to make artifical fountain

fountainMaterials Required:
Things you need

Thermocol (while buying home appliances,thermocol is used for packing,use that itself)
2 inches thermocol sheet – 1
White cement
Enamel colors

First break the waste thermocol into small pieces and then take white cement in that add fevicol. In the proportion of 5:1 ratio and add water also in that mixture to form semi liquid state.

Now just take the each small piece of thermocol and dip fully into mixture and place in newspaper to let it dry for 24hours. Follow this step until completion of small pieces. [Read more…]

Featured Artist – Nima Titus, Made to Treasure

I first came across her blog when I was looking for a crochet pattern. I have been a regular follower since then. Her quilting and sewing are something which has inspired me a lot to take up quilting and stitching. Its my pleasure to introduce her to all the Craftziners.

Thanks alot Nima, I must say you have been great in responding to my mail.

Name : Nima Titus
Blog: Made to Treasure
Location: Indian residing in Muscat, Oman

1.Can you share with us a bit about your passion for Quilting, Crochet and Needlework, your self and how it got started?

I learned to do hand embroidery and cross-stitch from my mom, when I was 8 years old. It was on a handkerchief corner, few simple lazy daisy flowers and leaves. Later I tried hand embroidery on pillows, cushion cover etc. When I was in grade 4, I represented my school for district level craft competition. I got my first sewing machine, a manual singer machine from my dad when I was in grade 6.
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Featured Artist – Holly Sutton

Hi Everyone,

Meet Holly Sutton – an artist by passion and profession. Holly started making hair bows quite accidentally while searching for one for her step daughter. That started off as an interest, which developed into a passion, and later budding into a wonderful business.

In this interview, Holly tells us all about how she started off making hair bows, and also some good pointers to budding businesses.

Holly, thanks a lot for this interview and sharing your views with us.

Name : Holly Sutton
Blog: N/A
Website: Fancy Pants Hair Bows by Holly Facebook Page
Location Bryant, Arkansas
Contact:, Etsy or Facebook

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How to Post Images from your Blog?


Do you have a blog, website ,flick account or a member of
You can post your photos even more easily.

First you need to register at
If you are a member of doesn’t mean you are a member in

You will have to register with Craftziners. Registration page


(That’s how the page will look)

You have to type a username you wish to be registered and a valid mail id ( User Name will be the name displayed in the blog)

Now you will receive a mail in your mail box from Craftziners with a password.

Now you can login to the site using that username and password. Once you log in you will reach the Dashboard.

Now click on Profile in the left hand side, You can edit your profile and change your password here.

Once you have done that click on add new post for posting the content you want. ( The content should be strictly related to art and crafts.)

Now you can add images.

If you have already uploaded your image in your blog,you just have to right click the image – COPY LINK LOCATION

Now click on upload option – Click on from URL -Now paste the image url.

Once you insert the image, the page will look like this –
Now you got to select the category, if you don’t find the category let me know. I will add the category.category
and save as draft.
The content will be saved as draft, so that nobody posts spams and junks. If i change that for one person rest will feel left out. So as of now all my authors/ contributors wont be able to publish.

P.S. Getcrafty is now Craftziners

Kerala Mural Painting Design

A very talented artist – Kumarylakshmy has posted this image in Me sharing here.

you can download from here

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