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Mixed media painting


My work in progress


Bottle art

bottle art2


bottle art4


bottle art


I must say ,making a recycled bottle art can be very addictive!

sorry that I cant post detailed picture due to poor camera condition ..I plan to   describe the process briefly so that you can understand !

there are lots of tutorials on how to make bottle art!

first of all I got an old ketchup bottle ,since its my first art bottle project ,I didn’t want to mess up with my more beautiful bottles at the lower portion of the bottle I just did some mosaic work with glass pebbles and embroidery mirrors. mirrors were colored beforehand with the glass colour.

for the upper section of the bottle I made some home made texture paste (with talc,white paint and white glue) and applied with a spatula to get some weird free hand  texture, I kept it simple.

since the texture paste had glue in to it ,I sticked some old washers and beads to make the texture more weird. then it was time to color it up,I colored the textured part black since I had no metallic colour ,I used the metallic glass liner (copper) ,I dabbed it all over the textured gave a nice antique look. Last but not the least ,the embellishments ….I love tasssles ,I made one and hanged it from the bottle’s neck.I added up some old jewelry and a peace of fake crystal to it and that’s all I did to achieve this look .

I am not done yet ,this one bottle has got me going for more, in future I hope to design more bottles , till then bye bye!

pillow case


this is my first ever Pillow case!

I am trying my hands in simple sewing..dont forget to comment


oil pianting

hi friends

this is my first experiment with oil paints and cone work….and I am happy that it turned out gorgeous!

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