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DIY Paper Daises

Tools and materials: Colored office paper 80g / m. white, yellow, orange and green (possible for leaves and stems to use crepe ), scissors, for cutting thin petals better...

How to make Rose Flower using Stocking flower

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE4B-pdL8b8]

How to make Carnation flowers using clay

Materials needed for this: 1. Any air dry clay 2. Oil colours... In this lesson ,Used oil colours are  no:8 (Cadnium yellow pale hue),no:6(Cadmium Red Deep Hue),no:49 (Permanent Rose) 3.Frilling tools 4.Cutters (Can use any...

Flowers made with straws

We need 11 straws for the medium size flowers which i have made Thin wire (easily available in market, ask for thin wire used for making artificial flowers) Needle 1. Need...

How to make Hibiscus – Sola wood

Sola wood is very delicate, so very carefully cut the shape of the flower. first check with the real flower ( its color, shape of the petal, stamens...

Maple Leaf – How to make fall leaves?

Hi all After a lot of effort I completed this  work. It took me some time cos time is something that i dont have off late :D have been...

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