Windbells – Hearts


Paper CraftSilhouettes, otherwise known as shadow or profile portraits, are remarkable for their ability to capture a likeness in a few simple lines. Here the late eighteenth century is vividly brought to life through the graceful lines and bold solids of silhouette portraiture.

Satin ribbon garland

Japanese Painting-Ehongo Art Design

How to make Burnt Wood Ganesha Mural


Take pine wood cutting and mount small wood cutting on right hand side…(pine wood is taken for better burnt effect)… burn the edges properly till it blackens not affecting the centre…

apply a layer of dental powder and fevicol to mounted wood

mount rubber moulded ganeshji in centre and small stones on its side

colour it completely black taking care that black colour doesn’t drip on sides i.e pinewood… let it dry completely

then give it dry brush strokes taking red, yellow n orange covering black completely

Now for lettering on pine wood, make a cone of dental wood n fevicol n write ganesha shloka evenly spacing words…

let it dry and then paint  it with gold powder mixed in turpentine….

let it dry for 24 hrs and varnish it

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