Kachchi Kudate

This is a neck design ,I have worked in kachchi taka.

This work is done on the sleeves.

kachchi kudate-3

Rainbow Sweater for Toddler (seamless)



Hi Friends,

I created a seamless sleeveless sweater for our daughter recently. Its cool to wear on a dark full sleeve dress in cooler autumn days! Hope you like it too.


The trick to making this seamless is,  knitting the front and the back sides as one continuous piece. Once the required width is knitted (enough to cover the torso of the toddler) then bind the stitches.I used moss stitch (sabudana veen) to get this effect and I inserted few plain stitches to create a rib effect.

Place the fabric in circular fashion and decide where the opening should be ( you can keep the opening on either side to give a different look. Then mark the width and the length of the required shoulder belts.


open – flat sweater Seam less

I decided to keep it old fashioned with centre opening and measured six stitches for each belt. Pick-up the six stitches from the knitted piece and create the belt. Sew the other end of the belt to the other side of the knitted fabric with woollen needle.

Sew touch buttons on open ends and attach fancy buttons to finish the look.






First Crochet Tops!!!!!

Satin ribbon garland

Brazilian Embroidery Classes for Beginners

Hi All,

You all might know about Deepa Balagopal, from our Featured Artists column. There is a one-day workshop on Brazilian Embroidery being conducted by her.

A bit about Brazilian Embroiderybe

Brazilian embroidery is a three dimensional embroidery technique used predominantly for depicting floral patterns and nature. This form of embroidery uses high quality Rayon threads that are known for their sheen and lustre. There are three levels in BE – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Brazilian embroidery cannot be done with cotton threads. The threads are specially ordered from the United States.


(Circle of flowers – Image courtesy Christine Hause, posted on behalf of Deepa Balagopal)

Venue: Based on the group getting together to learn. If someone can offer their backyard for one day so that interested stitchers can get together and learn this beautiful form of dimensional embroidery, it would help very much. Multiple groups are also welcome.

Venue    : Near East end circle,Jayanagar 9th Block
Date      : July 3 2010
Time     :  10 AM to 4 PM

No. of Participants : 5 or more (minimum 5 required)

Last date of registration : May 30th.

Registration Fee (per person) : 500/- (includes food and refreshments)
Course Fee (per person) : 500/- (excluding materials)
For kit or threads ( per person) : 1000/-

A group of like minded people can decide on the place and the date convenient to them and send me a mail. The workshop will be from 10A.M to 4 P.M. Deepa will be teaching the fundamentals of Brazilian embroidery .The participants will practice on a doodle cloth and can then attempt the stitches on the design provided.

Contact details :
Email : deepabalagopal(at)gmail(dot)com