Thermocol Wall Hanging

Thermocol Wall Hanging

Thermocol Wall Hanging

Lady face on Thermacol

lady face on thermacol

Woollen work on thermocol

wollen work on thermacol

Tanjoor Work on Thermocol

tanjoor painting

tanjoor painting



This is my first tanjore painting made on thermocol,painted with pearl colours instead of other colours that are used for the same,black velvette cloth add more effect for the figure,light coloured artficial stones add effect to the picture

How to do Painting on Thermocol Sheet – Shri Ganesh Ji


Materials I have used :

Chalk Powder
Acrylic Colors
3 D outliners
Tracing Sheet
Carbon Paper
Sand Paper

How to Do

First Cut the thermocol sheet according to the pattern. Make a mixture of Chalkpowder, glue and water. There is no specific ratio just to a proper consistency. Once the mixture is ready spread it evenly on the thermocol sheet using a knife. Leave it to dry.


Once its dried using a sandpaper evenly smoothen the surface. Now the surface is ready. Once ready using the pattern trace it on to the surface and then paint.


Crafts using Thermocol


Things needed

Thermocol sheet / Cardboard sheet

Thermocol balls – easily available in market in different colors


Fabric colors

Tracing sheet / design


How to do?

Its not very easy to trace the design on thermocol sheet, but once have given an outline you can draw with a charcoal. Once you have traced the design you want, first one has to paint the background, once the background has dried I gave white thermocol balls as out line and as and what i need filled in colors and rest painted using fabric colors.

Any doubts feel free to write.