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  1. anu srikumar says:

    hi meera that a really wonderful ceramic work u have done on that pot. i used to make ceramic flowers. but have no idea where to get the materials here in bangalore. if u dont mind can u please tell me? once i get hold of all the stuff i would really like to try it out on some pots like u have done :-)
    great work!!

  2. Crafty says:

    Hi anu,
    Sorry for such a delayed reply. You can get the materials in either Thipsandra or Shivaji nagar. If you say where exactly you are in bangalore I could be of more help.

  3. sweety says:

    hi meera,
    i happend 2 visit ur site by chance n i my soul is filled with gr8 ecstacywhen i saw ur pics of ur marvelous art works. m very much interstd in learning ur art works especially d soap flowers n wud love 2 share some of mine with u.
    as 4 me i reside in hyderabad n waiting 4 ur reply anxiously.

  4. prafulla says:

    i liked the work ths displayed as i am a creative worker myself wanting to explore much on ceramic works .
    can u help me with any site r material tehg process behind ceramic works.

  5. yaso says:

    hi ur work is amazing.i’m also interested in pot painting.can u please tel me the ratio for mixing ceramic powder and fevicol.for me its getting harden soon.is plaster of paris and ceramic powder are the same.hope u’ll help me with ur reply.

  6. anjumafaq says:

    this is anjum from bangalore, i would like to share some craft things like pot painting, glass work, and applying mehandi on hands. Iam very much interested in art and crafts.


  7. Crafty says:

    Hi Anjum,
    You are more than welcome. I would be happy to welcome you to be part of my blog. You can send me mail at blogandsoul@gmail.com

  8. Crafty says:

    hi…its a combination of ceramic powder, plaster of paris, corn flour and fevicol also cotton. the mixing is very important. Plaster of paris and ceramic powder are two different things. For begineers you can use Chalkpowder and fevicol mixture. Once u master than u can do in ceramic. You will need 2 cups of ceramic powder, half a cup of plaster of paris & cornflour, approx 250 gm of fevicol sh and little cotton. Please don’t use water at any cost. Once you have mixed the above. The above mixture should be wrapped in tight plastic cover. Can be kept upto 20days.

  9. parvathi says:

    hi meera this is parvathi the work which is displayed is nice i want to know more tips in pot painting where from can i get the information?

  10. parvathi says:

    hi meera this is parvathi the work which is displayed is nice as i am beginner in pot painting where from can i get the information regarding different ways of pot paintting i request u for websites

  11. sanjana says:

    helloo this is sanjana i have a competition in my school i am intrested in doing pot painting can u give me some tips plz send it to my id so that i will win the competition

  12. Crafty says:

    HI Parvathi
    Thanks for your wonderful comments. I have learned in a class how to make ceramic flowers not thrugh net. So wont be able to help with the websites. I will post how to do very soon.

  13. selvam says:

    hi meera,

    u have done a excellant pls give us some tips to begin with where will i get the materials in bangalore

  14. selvam says:


    meera i am selvam i want to learn this ceramic works on pots tell us how to mix and apply give us the tips of doing the same u can help me in sending thru my mail id.

  15. navya says:

    Hi…. The work on the pot is really very nice….
    how do you get ideas??? every time i want to start, the problem how to start?I know raja market, Bangalore, from where we can get the materials, but it is very far from my place. can you tell me some other place where i can get these materials.


  16. navya says:

    padmanabha nagar

  17. navya says:

    No problem in shivaji nagar. Can u please mail me to my mail address : rose.fire.rose@gmail.com

    • Crafty says:

      Hi…I don’t remember the shops name. In commercial street not the main street the street parallel there are lot of shops. Do ask any shop where you get art and craft materials and they usually guide. regards

  18. navya says:

    thank you

  19. parvathi says:

    hi this is parvathi by seeing ur work i was inspired to do i have started doing with pop may i know whetherpop and ceramic powder is one and the same ?one more u said u have learn may i know where can i get this course i am staying near kundhanhalli gate bangalore if u can guide me it would be great favour to me

  20. parvathi says:

    hi is pop and ceramic powder one and the same ? if not can v do that grapes and flowers which u did with pop and fevicol actually i tried doing but it is getting hard very soon
    hope u ll suggest clearly thank u

  21. Reshma says:

    Great job. Thanks for the procedure of making ceramic works.Do u take classes in bangalore

  22. Reshma says:

    Can i share some of my works with you.Thanks,Reshma

  23. hiamanshu says:

    Hi Crafty,

    can you tell me where i Shivaji nagar or in commercial street do you get art and painting material. Please email me the shop name and its address thanks.

    • Crafty says:

      hi hiamanshu, i have posted the address of shops where the materials are available.

      • Sowmya says:

        Hi Crafty,

        I need to know where can I get Ceramic Powder. Its quite urgent… could you please reply with the address as early as possible.


  24. Lakshmi Prasnna says:

    HI Meera,

    very nice dwsin and work u have done.I want to know which paints did you use for pot and ceramic work. Plz. update the details.

  25. rashleen says:

    i am interested in learning Ceramic work . I stay in Hutchins Road, near ITC, Bangalore . Plz let me know the same

  26. bhavni says:

    hi madhviji,
    u made very nice efforts . could u please tell me from where i can purchase the material in pune?

    are the ceramic and plaster of paris same?

    plz reply soon

  27. Jessica says:

    Hi, Can we use white cement for making flowers. Where will i get ceramic powder and other craft materials in chennai

  28. usha says:

    Do you condust classes if so can u give me ur number so that i can contact u.
    can u suggest me some places at banaswadi and kammanahalli to learn different kinds of art and craft at affordable fees. As may of the art centres charge very high fees. Also can u tell me where u get the materials for candle making, nib painting, flower making at reasonable price.

  29. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  30. shikha says:

    hi crafty
    can u tell me where will i get art and craft materials in commercial street???
    plz email me the shops name and address

  31. shilpa says:

    can you please tell where can i learn ceremic pots. is there any classes for that in bangalore

  32. Supriya says:

    This is absolutely superb work.
    Would like to really learn this type of work.
    Well i to do ceramic painting home just started it. i was always my hobby.
    Can i get your email id i would like to send you photogrpahs of my work. So that i get your comments on it.
    Also do you take ceramic classes also.
    Do let me no.
    Thank you

  33. jayashree says:


    You have done a excellant work. I want to draw on painted mud pots with white colour filled in a cone (filled with colour or ceramic or any thing), can you help me in this ? I tried many times, using ceramic, white cement, POP, enamle etc. Please help me. I will be waiting for your answer please.

  34. rosbloss says:

    I love crafts. And i have learnt everything on my own and have done some works on pot, Nib painting , Solowood,sand painting,fabric painting, But unfortunately i cldn’t continue my work in crafts, its almost a year by now and i have chalk powder and ceramic powder with me but the problem is i dono which is ceramic and chalk powder can u help me in telling me how to find out which is which!

  35. bindhya says:

    Hi meera. can u let me now in thippasandra which shop u will get ceremic powder. i liked ur work very much i am very much interested to do the pot designing, it will be very thankful to you if u let me know where will i get all these materials.

  36. shyla says:

    Hi ,
    I love your hobbies :), even i want to learn,i am very much depressed in my life, i thought if i learn all these things atleast i can be relaxed.Do you conduct classes?will be waiting for your reply

  37. gayathri rajesh says:

    hi meera!!!

    superb work!! wow! very talented.

  38. freeda says:

    Hi !

    Just today i saw your blog quite intresting. Since i am bigneer i also would like to start somthing like this just to decorate my home.my mail ID preethufreeda@yahoo.com

  39. Tanu says:


    i found your ceramic work on pot very beautiful. Can you please tell me the procedure of this decoration. my email ID SilentKhusi@yahoo.com

  40. Willsey says:

    Hi Meera,

    I usually keep my pots outside.So i want to know which paint to be used to decorate mud pots even during rainy season.
    So the paints does not go……….

  41. jaya says:

    i found your ceramic work on pot very beautiful. Can you please tell me the procedure of this decoration. Can I use Chalk powder or white cement with fevicol.

  42. sasmita says:

    can u tell me the proportion of chalk powder and fevicol for doing mural art with m-seal..water can be added orn’t??

  43. niharika tiwari says:

    the pot above was amazing i to want to learn but i don’t know how to make different flower through ceramic powder please can u teach me i am really very exicted

  44. sweety says:

    i want to paint or decorate a pot using materials close to nature(geru chalk powder etc…) i will be delightful if u can help me anyways.

  45. Annie says:

    I just started working with ceramic powder. I am not using pop at the moment. I just have ceramic powder and fevicol. Could you tell me if I am using these two what shoudl be the proportion? Can i use water? How long should I keep it to dry? Which colours are best suited?

    Thanks, eagerly waiting for your reply

  46. mahi says:

    Hlo crafty.,,,,,,,
    U hav done a marvls job… I lov doin pot paintings… plz temme iz ceramic cement and white cement same. I hav added white cement and fevicol but :cry: it got thicker… when I tuk a lil mixtr but not able to mak a lil flowr also.. plz help me how can I make this pot luk liks uaz? Plz help me plzzzzo :oops: or plz send me on my email id…. princessmahi9391@yahoo.com

  47. Naresh says:

    Dear All,

    I tried to purchase Ceramic powder from last 3 months, I searched a lot in many areas for shops or sellers, and at last I found a Good shop who sale Ceramic powder and more than 30 products which are related to hand craft and arts. I am giving these adders to others who want to purchase Ceramic from Bangalore.

    Devi & Company , Shivaji Nagar , Bangalore
    Phone: (080) 25588894, (080) 25364598
    Address: 130, Ebrahim Sahib Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore- 560001, Karnataka
    Landmark: Near Kamat Hotel

    any help you need please contact naresh.km4@gmail.com I will help you friends,

    All the best Hand and Art craft lovers :)

  48. nEetu says:

    Hi….I am. Neetu …
    I recently bought ceramic powder ( i always used porceline clay) taught to try ceramic p,and I don’t know how to mix it for my crafts I usually make miniature stuff,

    I have read couple of blogs…where they say use glu with ceramic p…but does it really need glue????
    could you please tell.me how to mix ceramic powder…

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