Crafts using Thermocol

Hi Gauri,

Its very simple.

Things needed

Thermocol sheet / Cardboard sheet

Thermocol balls – easily available in market in different colors


Fabric colors

Tracing sheet / design


How to do?

Its not very easy to trace the design on thermocol sheet, but once have given an outline you can draw with a charcoal. Once you have traced the design you want, first one has to paint the background, once the background has dried I gave white thermocol balls as out line and as and what i need filled in colors and rest painted using fabric colors.

Any doubts feel free to write.


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  1. hector moraes says:

    i want to specifically know what are the type of color materials required to paint on thermocole, 2ndly how is the painting carried out.



  2. Crafty says:

    Hi Hector,
    I have used Acrylic paints for coloring in Thermocol. Its carried out in the normal way as u paint in canvas.


  3. sachin salvi says:

    Dear Madam,

    I want some of Name desing which is using in wedding ,
    so pls mail me some desing for me

    Sachin Salvi

  4. deepak says:

    dear artist,
    i want to know about adhesive by which i can bond thermocol with cloth and together also. adhesive should have instant bonding properties with good strength. please dont suggest fevicol as it takes a lot of time to dry out.

    an artist

  5. ravikant says:


    I want know , how to cut thrrmacol , which type of bled u r using , or , their any heating coil which help us to cut thermacol , please tell me

  6. vinod says:

    Hi, I’m new to your website
    I’m Making a pandal for durga puja with thermocol I want to paint it with golden color. Which color I should use. please help me

  7. SUN says:

    whare can I get various designs (for decoration) with thermocol

  8. T. Christopher says:

    I want to purchase Train / Ship / Bus or any transport related made using thermocol art. where can i get. pls guide me.

  9. sonu says:

    is there any special tool for cutting/carving thermocol?

  10. KING says:

    i want to made an beautiful scenery on thermocol for my little bro. please give full steps………….pls..

  11. sudha says:

    Hi Madhavi, thank you dear for the procedure.
    I have bought the thermocol balls to do my favourite Ganeshji with those.
    Your explanation is additional help tome.

  12. Riya says:


    I want to make a project showing any one type of indoor & outdoor game on thermocol. PLease suggest

  13. lawrance marian says:

    hey this is lawrance from mumbai. I take orders for almost all the occasions for decorating especially in making words (almost every fonts). if there is any need for anyone can contact me on my cell : 9833571830 //// 8097788027.

  14. lawrance marian says:

    hey this is lawrance from mumbai. I take orders for almost all the occasions for decorating especially in making words (almost every fonts)using thermocol. if there is any need for anyone can contact me on my cell :
    9833571830 //// 8097788027.

  15. Pramod D. Pitale says:

    I am Pramod Pitale . I am living in Mumbai and i supply colours for thermacole at very reasonable rate . If you want please call :9272976401
    Thanks .Pramod D Pitale.

  16. vidhyapathi says:

    hi madam i wand in ans , tharmocol sheet which type of paint using ple reply me madam in my email.

  17. Mehul says:

    I want to trace the paper printed design on thermocol but carbon paper is not working :(
    What can I do to trace the design ?
    Any other idea ?
    Please reply on my e-mail

    Thanks in Advance :wink:

  18. Mousumi says:

    I have to make a rainbow,star and an umbrella with thermocol fr my school project. What colour and what adhesive should i use? Please give some valuable tips. Thank u

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