How to do Fabric Painting on Chudidhar


Procedure for Fabric painting

Take a cotton cloth and remove starch and dry it for 1 day.

After that iron it neatly.

Now draw a design of your choice on the cloth to be painted.

For painting, I use fevicryl colors for durability and flexibility. Brushes that I use are generally numbers 000, 2 and 5.

For flowers I have used no.5 brush so that at a single stroke, I can complete the flower petals.

For filling leaves I used brush no. 2, and for lines, I used brush no. 000.

After completing the painting, keep it aside for 2 days and then iron on the reverse side of the painted design.

For more attractiveness of the design, stick “kundans” (stones) with the help of fabric glue.

Keep it aside again for 2 days, and then iron it on the reverse side again.

Take care to wash these painted dresses with hand only.



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  1. wow! what a neat clean& marvellous work, thanx for sharing.

  2. really liked ur designs…….i m also into fabric painting……..keep up the great work.

  3. Amazing and beautiful work.Good colour combination.Thanks a lot for sharing your work.Also i am interested in downloading the design maddy so could u pls give the password.Thank u in advance.

  4. hai , thats a beautiful piece, i do fabric painting too, but get bored doing the same design over and over , and shows in my work . you have great patience.please do share some more of your works.


  6. hi madhu
    i saw your beautiful saree and dupatta panitings.i have a few questions .please clear my doubts.i just want to know that if we r painting in pure silk saree ,we can do it directly or is there any need to wash the saree .then for more finishing can we use metallic and 3Dliners. also iwant to know what is the difference between silk painting and fevicryl painting.are the painting materials it self different. can i do silk painitng in in pure silk saree. hope to get a reply .than you .

  7. sudha menon says:

    hi madhu
    thank you for the reply .please let me know abt the silk painting . ijust want to know whether the silk paintings , imean the apin is different fron fevicryl paints . will we be able to purchase it in any craft shore. also the method of painting is same as that of the fevicryl painting. hope u will answer me

    • hi sudha, i have posted about silk painting. please check the category silk painting also tutorial page about silk painting. thanks

  8. Hi,
    I was going through ur site I found it interesting I do not know ABC of painting but I am well in embroidary. Can I learn painting by refering your sight as well designs in it. I wish to paint the saree or chudidar for me with painting either warli or flowery design. Can I did? Please guide me
    Thank you

  9. Very interesting sight to learn painting

  10. pls send me more designs fabric painting on suits…

  11. :roll:

  12. Padma Niranjan says:

    Hi can u mail me the tracing pattern plz. u hv done a fabulous work. i have subscribed to feedburner

  13. plz snd me more designs fabric on suits…… thanks preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeti

  14. Hi madhavi..

    i ve been following ur blog for the past two days…
    my birthday is in july..
    can u give me a good design..
    for my chudi…was thinking of making my own with fabric paint design!
    ur blog is awesome :) :)

  15. Hi madhu..
    i want t to be just simple and different…
    if u can pl suggest a color combination too..
    u send anything that u wish to.. glad to hear back from you :)
    thanks a lot :)

  16. hi madhu….
    saw ur works….neat finish man…
    i would like u to clear my doubt
    wat material should i use for tracing designs n clear my doubts

  17. Hi madhu..

    Very interesting in different type of fabric painting on cloth.i would like u r work idea .plz snd me more designs fabric on suits and idea.


  18. anuradha says:


    Can u pls send me the designs of fabric painting, Coffee Painting & Glass Painting.



  19. HI its too good
    i have started to design my own saree
    i have just finished with stiching jammikies over the corners of saree
    i have doubt of how to print the design in saree to paint or to embroidering
    so can u give me tips of how to draw design in saree and also i have not much design can u send me designs pls

  20. hi,
    ur work is really good. i just have a doubt, can i use fevicryl acrylic colours on fabric?. will the paint be durable after wash?. It should not dye out other dresses :(.

  21. your painting on chudithar is very nice. i hav planned to do my saree painting. I inspired by you………..

  22. Hai Madhu,

    Very nice work. Kindly suggest how to use gold fabric paint so that the result should be as the gold print churidhars available in the readymade market.



  23. in fabric painting.can we used fabric colours only?or we have to add medium?
    pls tell me. :)

  24. I just want to know is these painting on cotton cloth goes off after wash or it stays and if yes then what about the the colour clarity doesnt it reduces after first wash.

  25. Anitha Venkatesan says:

    hi madhu, Very nice painting on chudithars, Am very much impressed by u b’cos of ur marvellous art in fabrics. Can you send me some easy and different designs to my mail id? So that i can try it on my dresses. And also tell me that where do i need to paint if i want to do art work in the front, sleeves and neck sides of a chudithar material. Please let me know.
    Awaiting your reply soon,
    Warm Regards,
    Anitha Venkatesan

  26. vaishali shah says:

    hi,please send me more fabric designs

  27. Hi,
    Your blog is great!
    Your simple steps makes me feel like painting too even though I do not dont the basics of painting. I would like to start painting on fabric first, so request you to forward me some churidhar / T.shirt fabric painting patterns along with suitable colours.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply!
    Thank you!

  28. I m very interested in fabric painting.pls tell me how can I get different patterns.What are the paints and mediam we can use.

  29. hiiiii..i m very much intrested in doing fabric painting….can u plz snd me d gud designs for kurtis n sarees….i want to make a beautiful saree for my mom…plz do helpme…it wil b a grt pleasure…
    my id is–

  30. Ur designs are too pretty. Cud u pls email it to me?

  31. Rintu Jacob says:

    hiiii…. itz vry nic…. can u snd me some gud designs for chudithar n coffee paintings.. me tooo vry interesting in diz kinds of activities… itz realy amazing…. :) al d bst…

  32. hiiiiiii, Madhu very nice painting good work plz . can u send me ur more work in fabric paintings………….

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