How to do Sri Ganesh painting – Mural work?

Hi all,
I am back, still getting adjusted to the climate and place. I am a bit sick, there are lot of pending work – some work in progress I have completed and have sold, alas failed to take a pic :( . Traveling is taking a lot of time.

This month I will be an year older :) first time I will be celebrating without my mom :( , we share the same day. I am already missing her :( ….I have registered in Live chat, soon will be available for tutorials online. This is the first time I am thinking of making money out of my hobby,I need to recover to run all my blogs.

Also I am spending lot of time at work, being financial year end it’s lot of stress. For the first time I am so occupied that I don’t think about my personal life. A new beginning this year :) . Planning to join German classes every weekend :), Japanese is fun but nobody interacts with me. I am planning to do some online translation jobs :) problem have to find time – why God created just 24 hours?

Happy Holi to all…….please do visit and do post your comments and thoughts :). Lot of people has been asking tutorial for the Ganesha Painting. I thought of doing a pictorial tutorial but due to time constraints just posting a written tutorial. If i ever do another piece for commissioned work I will post the step by step pictorial painting. As of now I don’t have time :(. So just instructions. If anyone has anyone doubt feel free to post a comment.

P.S. I wont send personal mail :( seriously if i start sending mails to all the individuals then I wont have time for painting or rest of the work :( . Sorry I amn’t being rude :( , I will post all the answers in my blog just drop in anytime.


Materials required

Hard Board
Chalk Powder
Acrylic Paints
Kundan Stones
Comb – hair comb
Brushes – good brushes size 0,000,2,4,6
Metallic Colors
Sand paper
Design you want to paint – (usually God or Goddess figure)
Tracing sheet
Yellow carbon paper
Polythene cover
Pebeo Acrylic Glossy Spray/ any other Acrylic glossy spray

How to do?

First clean the hardboard using a sandpaper so that the surface becomes smooth. Now in a bowl mix chalk powder, glue and little water. It shouldn’t be very watery. The ratio of chalk powder to glue is 2:1, make sure its not water just a consistency that we use for mixing mehendi. Then using a Kitchen spatula/ Knife even spread the chalk powder mixture on to the hardboard, spread it neatly. Now let it dry for a day. Once its dried use the sandpaper and smooth en the surface once again.

Next Step is to trace the design to the tracing sheet so that your design still remains good. Now trace the design to the board using yellow carbon, very neatly and slowly, take your time. Once the design is been traced.

Make a mixture of chalk powder, glue and very little water. Make a cone using polythene cover and fill this mixture make a very small hole. Using this draw the outline and wherever you want an embossed effect. In this picture I have made all the jewelery. Next step is to stick the kundan stones where ever necessary. Let it dry. Once dried using the left over mixture give a thin coat of chalk powder surrounding the image. When its wet use an old hair comb and create designs, you can use any sharp tools to make background design/ texture. Once its dried, start painting. Use acrylic colors for the body and metallic colors for the ornaments. Once done let it dry. Spray Pebeo Acrylic Glossy Spray/ any other Acrylic glossy spray to finished work and give it for frame.

You can see the completed work here


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  1. hi… Ganesha painting is simply superb… do you mind telling what kind of glue you have used for the mixture… is it fevicol or any other ??
    also can you please give me the password to to download the trace…
    will be waiting for your reply…

  2. thank u… can u please share the password to download the trace of Ganesha..

  3. ur painting is marvellous. i couldnt get the full picture. so will u pleasesend me one tu.

  4. shilpi sharma says:

    hi ,
    ur painting is very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.please give me the link or password so that i can have trace of some murals design.

  5. Superb work Crafty. Can you please share the password for the Ganesha trace…

  6. Superb work Crafty. Can you please share the password for Shri Ganesha trace.

  7. how to do mural ganesh? It is very nice

  8. Hi,
    can u share the pwd for ganesh picture pdf file dowload
    also, let me know if i can use ceramic powder instead of chalk powder

    • sure you can give it a try. P.S when u use ceramic powder do mix plaster of paris in proportion and dont use fevicol. Just a suggestion. Give it a try. Cheers

  9. it is very nice.please send me the password to download the trace.

  10. hi… Ganesha painting is simply superb.
    can u please share the password to download the trace of Ganesha..

  11. Mahima Karthik says:

    hi ,
    Just checked this right now ,its just awesome ,seems like your a great artist and extremely talented ! Am very impressed by the mural ganesh and right now am in the States ,but defintely will like to make one for my home ,could you please send me the trace ,It will be really nice of you and definetely your email id ,would love to ask doubts ,hope u dont mind !
    Mahima Karthik!

  12. Hi….this is a masterpiece . I could have never imagined someone can do this . I am really amazed . Can you please tell me how can I get the trace of this Ganesha painting.

    Thanks and Congrats for the wonderful art.

  13. Jayalakshmi says:

    extremely superb. can i get the trace of ganesha i want to try it and have one in my house.

  14. HI,
    this is a really a great work, i m also doing a murals can u pls send me the traced design of ganesha, it will be really helpful for me.
    pls reply as soon as possible

  15. HI AGAIN,
    i hav some doubts, can u pls clear it. instead of using chalk powder, can we use ceramic powder, and i m not getting yellow carbon, can i use regular carbon, black or blue.

  16. can u pls send me the traced design of ganesha, it will be really helpful for me.
    pls reply as soon as possible

  17. Meenakshi says:

    It’s fantastic

  18. ramyashrii says:

    Hi Madhavi… I have done a hanuman mural based on your instructions, and it has come out well(for a beginner, even if I say so myself). Thank you so much for your instructions, I have been wanting to learn mural for sometime now and I finally got to do it by myself. I just have one doubt, when I give it for framing should I have a glass in front or should it be open so that the work shows prominently? Do let me know.

  19. shalley kapoor says:

    i am new to bangalore please if u could tell where to get pabeo glass colors.

  20. shalley kapoor says:

    thanks a lot ,since i shifted my work was pending ,i hope i will be able to complete it now.god bless.

  21. Jaya Vyas says:


    your blog is just what i was looking for. I have put my creative side on hold sine the last 10 years but now that my kids are older i am so eager to explore it again.
    I make frequent trips to the craft store Michaels here i in the US but i am not able to find everything for my projects.
    I hope you will guide me.
    Thanks so much for this blog, you are an angel and your work is absolutely breathtaking!
    I am going to try my hand at the mural painting on ganesh.Wish me luck!!
    Also how do i download the template for this?

    • Hi Jaaya, you just have to download from the post friday freebie and the password is given in the post itself :) hope to see ur work.

  22. hi,

    can you tell me how i can download the traced design of this Ganesha

    Thank you

    • Hi anitha, you just have to download and i have given the password in the post. thanks :)

  23. Hi,

    This is an excellent work. Can you please provide me the password to print Ganesha picture. Also, please let me know how you made those perfect round balls in the picture(I guess using chalk powder).

  24. vigneshwari says:

    ur painting is very cuteeeeeeeeeeee. please give me the password so that i can have trace of some murals design. pls i wish to try this very badly.


  25. Manjula Prasanna says:

    Hi Madhavi

    I loved your ganesha painting. Can I please download the trace. Please provide me the password for the same.


  26. Hi,

    Am a new member to this wonderful website..
    Ganesha looks really fantastic..Can anyone please tell me where to buy chalk powder and ceramic powder in US?I need chalk powder for many of my craft works..


  27. in this painting how much calk powder needed

  28. in this painting how much chalk powder needed

  29. hi yr mural ganesh is very fabulous…can u pls send me this picture along with some other mural desings??????/

  30. This is a superb painting, thanks for sharing the design and instructions. The jewelry outlines seem like they have gold beads or thin rope etc glued. But I think you said you did the outline with chalk paste? How do you create those rope like designs and bead like designs on such thin outline of chalk paste? Can I do it with a tooth pick? Also, can I use mehendi cones for outlining precise lines?Please explain, thanks so much.

  31. One more question, sorry. White chalk powder will do since it’s going to be painted over anyway?

  32. Hi Madhavi

    Can u plz tell me the technique how u made the rope like embossing for the jewellery using cone.


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