Madhubani Painting


This is a painting I saw on the net. It was so tempting that I wanted to give the very same work an attempt. Thanks to Chithra’s article it made me inspire and try this painting/ art. Not yet over as I haven’t painted. Its just the sketch…man it took so much of time :)
P.S. Its a free hand drawing by me not tracing, idea from an image i saw on the net. Design credit goes to the author, not me :D.



  1. Hi Madhavi,
    I have been watching your freehand sketches and they are excellent ! It is rare to see such work when tracing is the order of the day :)
    You have inspired to try my hand at madhubani painting too!

  2. hi madhavi,

    i used to do small small handworks and paintings after seeing all your paintings i am getting inspired a lot.
    thanks a ton to you ..

  3. Hai,
    I am one of your fans, you are doing awesome job, very good to see such good paintings. i am also doing some paintings. i found you through google search, i am in japan right now.


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