Nava dhanya Work – How to do a Navadhanya Work?

This is a very simple Nava dhanya work.
Thing you need –
1) 9 types of grains.
2) Hardboard or Canvas of your choice
3) Glue
4) Design
5) Varnish

What to do?
First Step – Is to trace the design you have choose to the hard board.
Second Step – I have given out line using a gram – i choose a double beans/ a bigger grain so that it can look prominent. Its all up to…
Third Step – Fill / glue in the grains , i have used different grains according to my choice (p.s. availability of grains).
Fourth Step – Once its dried you can have to varnish evenly, if you dont then all bugs will eat the grains.

Inspiration of this work is from a work I saw in Landmark, Forum Shop


Madhavi (517 Posts)

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  1. srigowri says:

    superb……… thanks for the procedure.

  2. jaya says:

    that’s a grt job done. u hv done a beautiful work by sticking them so neatly in a perfect line. hats off.

  3. Ramyashrii says:

    looks beautiful…

  4. aishanizaam says:

    the work is so neat very good work. keep it up.

  5. nilanjana says:

    Madhavi, its a very beautiful work, actually I wanted to do it long ago. but time does not permits. and shortage of big design. i wanted to create a big frame of work.

  6. sudha says:

    Lovely work.
    Ganeshas are my favourite.

  7. rajarajeswari says:

    very very nice

  8. Nimisha says:

    Very Beautiful. Feel like doing it right now.

  9. ritu says:

    well done. can u pls tell which grain u used for face. i think that looks superb but not able to recognise. something like straight line.

  10. vani says:

    wah!!!!!!!!!!!!what a beautiful work… i really want to do this…. can u pls send me the trace and also wanted to ask u what type of varnish to put .. pls let me know

  11. vani says:

    i want the trace of this if u have pls………..i want to do this.. can u pls send it to my email adress… thanks in advance…… my email is

  12. Sowndari says:

    That’s a great job.. Even i got inspired to do this after seeing this in a shop….. If you have any other picture that we can trace and do this, can you please send me to my email id….

  13. Viji says:

    Wow.. Superup. My family’s inspiration of God Ganesha. Can you senn me the Ganesha tracing desing.. Thanks.

  14. kannammal A says:

    Very nice….. Intersting….. Like very much…

  15. prerna says:

    may god bless u !!

  16. Neelum Aga says:

    very neatly done. I must say madhavi u have lots of patience to stick 1-1 dana of that tiny wheat. lovely . i like your work

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