Silk Painting

hi all,
Its been a long time I posted something, but we have such interesting and inspiring contributors that our blog is always filled with different creations :)
I have been wanting to do silk painting ever since I saw Sakhi’s beautiful creation, but for some reason I haven’t been able to. Either the cloth or some other reason of my own.Finally i purchased a cloth and tried my hands …not happy with the result because of the cloth, but still chalega :)


You can find tutorial here


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  1. sakhi says:

    Arey nahi yaar, achchha hai!! :) The pic is a bit dark so cant make out the colours properly!! :)

    And hey, thanks for the link to my blog! :)

  2. aishanizaam says:

    Jaya Venkatesh’s silk painting under the name of flower bunch is really impressive.Also the glass paintings of the peacock an the swan. each n every work has its own beauty. u all r so creative.

  3. priyanka gupta says:

    it little bit dark cobination.

  4. chinni says:

    hi i got to know about silk painting recently.wen i was searching the net i saw it here. i want to know more about it will you pls let me know how to make this and the colours used and where i’ll get them??thank you.

  5. nanu says:

    hi,i want to know more about it will can :P you pls let me know how to make this and the colours used and where i’ll get them??thank you.

  6. anchal says:

    hi madhavi
    i want to upload my work but i have already register in wordpress but its showing some error …pls help n tell me where can i put my work or give me ur email id so that i can put …

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