Stocking Flowers – Yellow flowers – How to make Stocking Flowers?

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Stocking flower simply means flowers made out of stockings :).

Materials Required

Stockings- various colours
Silver Wire/ golden wire
Green Tape
Pollen -Various Colours

Hi all….
Stocking flowers are easy to make. You can make a variety of flowers using stockings. All you need is a little imagination and creativity . So let your imagination run wild.

For Petals

Take a thin wire and cut out several pieces of approximately 6″ length from it. Keep it aside. Now take one of the 6″ piece wire and fold it to get an oval shape. Make it look like a heart shaped petal, by dipping the centre of the oval a bit and pulling on either sides with your hands.
Make three petals like this. Now take the stockings and pull it over the petal tightly and tie at the end using thread. Cut off the excess stocking. Cover the three petals with the stockings similarly.

For Stalk or stem
Decide on the length of the stalk. Say if its about 12″, cut a 24″ length piece from the wire and fold it in exactly half. So that the stem will look thick. At the end of the stalk make a small bend to fix the pollens.

Take 3-4pollens and fold it at the centre. Insert the pips through the bend of the wire.

Tie it in place using thread. After this place the three petals around the pollens and tie a knot again using the thread. Then wind the green tape around the stock completely. Now your flower is ready.

The procedure to make the leaves is the same. First make the loop as mentioned earlier and shape it like a leaf and cover with green stockings. Wind the green tape around the leaf stalks. Make 4-5 such leaves and attach to a  long stalk using green tape.

You can arrange these flowers in a vase.


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