Recipe : Cold Porcelain

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I was requested to post the recipe of the cold porcelain by some craft enthusiast.As promised I am writing these post for them.The thing is,I am not a pro either.I have just discovered the wonders of the cold porcelain.cold porcelain  dough can be bought from the market,there are many branded dough….like hobby ideas and  now some Chinese companies are also coming up with  cold porcelain dough in a very competitive price…the good things about these ready made doughs is ,you don’t need to add colours and t has even textures which adds a special look in your every cold porcelain crafts.
The post where I added some snaps of my first cold porcelain project got attention of my fellow crafters.thank you .since it was my first project I was willing to try the home made recipe first..and honestly I guess,the cost was much lower than the dough that are available in the market.of course it will take much practice to give the finish of a factory made dough….but  should not  it be the aim of  all craft artist?
Before I describe the receipe.Ii would like to thank Helan Shanta Kumari who was kind enough to teach me the recipe.she is a housewife and crafts is her passion..she has a blog where she showcased her cold porcelain creations….I liked her work very much…thank you verymuch  Helan.
Here’s how you make the dough:

for the recipe,go the the link below:

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My first cold-porcelain project

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