How To make Hoop Art – Valentines Heart using French Knot...

Hi all, I know Valentines Day isn't around the corner but this embroidery hoop would make a lovely wall hanging to your home...

5 Safety Tips For Drilling Bead Jewellery

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift whether for a holiday or any other purpose. Jewellery is prominent in our daily life and business. Do you enjoy beaded jewellery? Perhaps...

How to make Easy Rose Button Earrings

Hi Its such a simple tutorial. Very less material is needed to make this cute and beautiful earrings. [youtube]

How to make Feather Earrings

We do our very best, but sometimes it's just not good enough. We buckle our seat belts, we wear a helmet, we stick to the lighted paths, we...

How to make Beautiful Red Silk Thread Necklace

In this tutorial we will learn how to make this beautiful red Silk thread Necklace using pipes. [youtube]

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