How to make Cold Porcelain Roses

cold porcelain

Home made cold porcelain . Base is coconut shell as holder. How to make Cold Porcelain Dough … [Continue reading]

How to do Bead Work Braclet


You can find the tutorials here – … [Continue reading]

Kachchi Kudate

kachchi kudate-2

This is a neck design ,I have worked in kachchi taka. This work is done on the sleeves. … [Continue reading]

Inspiring Thursdays- Trish Burr


  Trish Burr is a self taught embroiderer. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe. In 2004 she moved to the Western Cape in South Africa with her … [Continue reading]

Inspiring Thursdays – Vladimir Volegov


  Children Paintings by Vladimir Volegov. Born in Chabarovsk, Russia, Vladimir began painting at the age of three. After having attended the … [Continue reading]

Inspiring Thursdays – Watercolour Flower Paintings by Marney Ward


    Marney grew up in North Vancouver in the sixties and has been interested in perception, consciousness and creativity for most of … [Continue reading]