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  1. How to make Photo Frame using Recycled News Paper?
  2. How to do Sequin work/ Sequin Art?
  3. How to make Wealth from Pencil Waste?
  4. How to make a Wall Hanging using Glitter?
  5. How to paint on OHP sheet?
  6. Maple Leaf – How to make fall leaves?
  7. Lord Ganesha Painting on Thermocol
  8. How to do a Navadhanya Work?
  9. Wax Rose
  10. How to make Kundan Flowers?
  11. How to do Madhubani Painting/ Art?
  12. How to make Warli Art?
  13. How to make Wax Roses?
  14. How to do Ribbon Embroidery?
  15. Candle making for Beginners
  16. What is Marble Painting?
  17. How to make Stocking Flowers?
  18. Crochet
  19. How to do Kusudama Flower – Origami?
  20. How to do Miniature Vase of Quilled Flowers?
  21. How to do Patch Work?
  22. How to do Antique copper Painting?
  23. How to do Glass Crystal Painting?
  24. How to make a Finger Mouse Stuffed toy?
  25. How to do Silk Painting?
  26. How to do Reverse Glass Painting?
  27. How to do Ceramic Work on Pot?
  28. Sree Krishna Oil Painting
  29. How to do Sri Ganesh painting – Mural work?
  30. How to make Braided Rugs?
  31. How to do Warli Painting?
  32. How to do Craft Using Thermocol Sheet?
  33. How to do Golden Tree?
  34. How to do Sola Wood Wall Hanging?
  35. How to make Soap Flowers?
  36. How to do Fabric Painting on Chudidhar?
  37. How to do Epoxy Painting?
  38. How to do Decoupage?
  39. How to do Parchment Craft?
  40. How to do Stenciling art?
  41. How to do Tanjore Painting?
  42. How to do Filler Flowers – Aster – Decorative Painting?
  43. How to do Velvet cloth embossing?
  44. How to do Paper Mache?
  45. How to do Lama’sa art?
  46. How to do Crafts using Thermocol Balls?
  47. How to do Sand Painting?
  48. How to do Nib Painting?
  49. How to do Metal Embossing?
  50. Elegant Parchment Flowers – How to make White Paper Flower?
  51. Ceramic Cone Painting
  52. How to make Thoranam?
  53. How to make Swam with Scales of Fish?
  54. How to make Paper mache wall decoration?
  55. How to do Paper Cutting ? – Swan
  56. How to do Mseal work on glass?
  57. How to do different type of Ceramic work on pot? Decoupage on Pot
  58. How to make Crepe Paper Roses?
  59. How to make Blue Tissue Paper Flowers – Pom Pom?


  1. I want a tutorial or how to do instructions for cold porcelain flowers.

  2. i want a tutorial for cozy satin cushion .,

  3. helo anuradha where u from so that i can help u

  4. chanda singh says:

    hello ,i want a tutorial of mickey mouse made by thread work .

  5. Neha Parekh says:

    i want a tutorial for cold porcelain flowers

  6. Neha Parekh says:

    why i am not able to see any of the hw to do instruction or videos.when ever i open any of the how to do or videos it is cmng page doesnot exist

  7. thank u sooooooooooooooooo much madhavi for all these tutorials

  8. pavanilingampalli says:

    I want a tutorial for jharokha or instructions.

  9. Hi Madhavi…..
    Your artworks are amazing……especially
    Marble painting…..could you please tell me how to do relief work for marble painting….I mean what kind of glue is used ?any photos if available
    I am an art enthusiast myself and have been inspired by many of ur works…..
    I would like to share my work sometime…..again,love ur work.

  10. Hi Madhavi,
    Even I want tutorial on jharokha.

  11. i want a tutorial for origata flower.

  12. hi madhavi iam frm hyderabad can tell me whr d glass painting tuttorials r d in hyd?????????

  13. Priyadharshini says:

    I want to know how to put knots at the end of Silk sarees. If anyone know please share.

  14. I want to know the detail instructions on how to do lipan work!

  15. Hi,
    Fabulous work and crafting usually I enjoy doing One stroke learned from Donna dewberry
    I wanted to see more designs in Acrylic tulips painting

  16. hi, can any body help me how to make fountain at home with steps , and how to make orregeta flowers.i will be thankful to u.

  17. can you please tell how to make a water fountain

  18. prabhitha.v.p says:

    hai, wil u plz tell me hoe to do myatic work

  19. i want to be tutorial I know all works which are include in your list please visit my web site

  20. radhika sreedhar says:

    can anyone tell me how to do block printing using fabric colours

  21. Hi!!!
    I want to learn jharokha could u pls post tutorials or instructions for it

  22. you have a great collection of tutorials, can you post some article on how to do marble minakari and minakari paintings!!!

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