22 Activity based Subscription Box for Kids this summer 2018


As a parent to an active toddler I am always in the hunt for activities to keep her busy and make her stay away from Gadgets like Ipad and televison.

Most of us are busy in our day to day life that we don’t have time to spend with our kids, which results in online gaming and watching toons on tv. There is not much unleashing of our kids creative mind.

Growing up in 80s was the most fun time I would say, we got play in the garden, spend time with our friends and parents. But now things have changed, Do you remember the rhymes that you learnt in your Kindergarten, I would say most of us would say yes. Age 2-8 years is the most important period of a childs phase. You should try ways to avoid our kids to become a gadget addicts. Even Doctors all over the world suggest that children who spend long hours in front of gadgets show signs of postural deformities and are more vulnerable to mental stree. So lets see what are the alternative options available to make them more gadget free and to be more physcially active.

So How does an Educational Subscription box for kids help?

– helps them to encourage a child’s interest.
– keeps kids engaged in activities rather than gadgets.
– which kids doesn’t love to get something in their mail.
– Awesome gift to a kid, which he receives every month, its like endless gift.


Flintobox has been a pioneer in the field of activity boxes for children, and amongst the first in the subscription business model in India. With 5-7 activities each built around a new theme, these kits are ideal to help your kids learn and play simultaneously. The kit contains 5 to 7 hands-on activities {games, puzzles, books} that will help the child create, explore, play and read. The kits designed with kid-friendly materials and curated by pedagogy experts, child psychologists and game designers.
Age Group: 2 to 8 years.

Subscription range – 3months – Rs. 2346. 6months – Rs. 3996. 12 months – Rs. 6996

How to Order here to order online.

Contact: +91-7695857799


MagicCrate offers time & tested concepts using 100% natural & safe, chemical free products to manufacture toys & games using hale wood, kum kum, haldi, indigo made by craftsmen at Channaptna Karnataka. Some of the themes are The Urban Planner, The Investigator, The Geologist & The Food Chain.

Age groups – 1.5-2.5years, 2.5-4years, 4-6years, 6-8 years, 8-10 years, 10-12years.

Subscription Range – 3months – Rs. 1899. 6months – Rs. 3599. 12 months – 6699.

How to Order here to order online.

Contact Details -044-46581500

3) Pod Squad

PodSquad is a series of learning tools for children ages 2 to 8 years old, created to help today’s child get a headstart with early learning concepts and skills through fun activities. Our children’s activity boxes have been curated by experts, approved by teachers and tested by kids, so that your child gets the maximum benefit from our learning programme. We aim to encourage curiosity and creativity in children by providing them with the right educational games, arts and crafts, puzzles, flash cards, books, and more all focused around independent play.

Age: 4 years+

Subscription Range: Individual boxes are Rs 1500 – includes digital content( now there is a discount). The 3 – month subscription to the programme is 2997/- which is discounted. The 6-month subscription to the programme is 5400 which is discounted – includes digital content. They also have individual kits at 449/- and 599/-.

How to Order here to order online.

Contact details :Phone: +91 9820440754 , Email: [email protected]


Enchantico is one of its kind subscription box in India. Kids these day spend more time in the digital world rather than experiencing reading books. As a kid I loved reading books and I feel my kids lack that need. Finding quality books have become rare offlate, now here is where Enchantico plays the role. The curate books according to your child age group. They bring to your doorstep some of the best Publishers such as Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan, Westland, Duckbill Books, Little Latitude and FunOkPlease. The subscription box consists of 2 books, collectables, activities, author cards (explaining about the authors to parents and children) and an activity sheet as a guide. Each box has a theme and it’s fun to see the reflection diary which comes with each box that children can use to share their ideas, titles, exercises that you can do with them if you have read the book.

Age: 5-6 / 7-8 / 9-10 / 11-12 years

Subscription Range: The 3-month subscription is for Rs 3600 plus shipping charges, 6 months is at Rs 6600 plus shipping charges and 12 months is at Rs 12000 plus shipping charges.

How to Order here to order online.

Contact: +91-75065 84454 (10 AM to 6:00 PM – MON TO SAT),
Email ID: [email protected]

5)Xplora Box

Xplorabox was built to change the definition of “fun” for children in this age of digital revolution because as a parent it is disheartening to see the digital devices luring our young kids by storm. Creative, unbridled play with numerous activities, impromptu picnics, board-games have been replaced by numerous mobile games in this digital era where unfortunately, kids are more savvy with mobile phones than their parents.

Xplorabox aims to make childhood “fun” again with activity-based toys with numerous developmental DIY activities that hone the motor and cognitive skills of the kids and also encourage their creativity, while enhancing their sensitivity towards their environment. Our radical approach to learning while having fun ensures that the kids adore their challenging environment that Xplorabox creates for them every month and thus raising a generation of clever, confident, and creative children.

Age: 2-12 years

Subscription Range: The prices start from Rs. 749/- per box- Rs. 2247/- for the three-month’ subscription, and Rs. 3894/- for the six months subscription.

How To Order: Xplora Box

Contact: +91 9818 336 734

Email: [email protected]

6)CocoMoco Kids

Cocomoco Kids is an award winning educational games startup born out of our love for Travel and Geography. We are a team of educators, pedagogists and game developers with one simple philosophy: Learning CAN and SHOULD be fun!.

Age: 2-12 years

Subscription Range: They have various price range. Do check their Website.

How to Order : CocoMoco Kids

Phone: +91-011-41616050

Email: [email protected]

7) Lighthouse– Art Crate

Light House Art Crate is a subscription box that focusses on art and craft based activities for children.These activity boxes are delivered to your doorstep every month. They help explore your child’s creativity and confidence and these art-based activities use child-safe colours, so there are no worries on that front.

Age: 2 and half -12 years

Subscription Range: They charge Rs 2400 for 3-month plan, Rs 4200 for 6-month plan and Rs 7200 for 12-month plan
How to Order :Lighthouse – Art Crate
Phone: +91 99209 17668
Email: [email protected]

8)Butterfly Edu Fields

Butterfly Fields was founded by people with a passion to create more ‘doers’ in India. They felt that the Indian educational system, with its emphasis on theory and exams, was taking the joy out of learning and more importantly, its very purpose.

The Explorer kit caters to kids aged 8-10 years old and the Makers kit caters to 11-13 years old. The Explorer kit focusses on three key science concepts- light, how stuff works and solar system. The Maker kit focusses on concepts such as – trigger higher order thinking skills (HOTS), Enable Deep Rooted Learning and Inspire Innovation.

Age: 8 and above

Subscription Range: Rs 1950 for a 3-month subscription, Rs 3540 for a 6-month subscription and Rs 4860 for 9-month subscription

How to Order: Butterfly Fields
Contact : 040-27711020

9) OKZYmoron

OKZYromon’s Treasure Box is a fun, theme-based activity kit for children in the age group of 3 to 7.Designed by child development experts , Focused on early development
Includes activities to engage kids constructively at home
New exciting theme based activities every month

Age: 3 to 7

Subscription Range: Rs 1050 for a 1-month box, Rs 2850 for a 3-month subscription and Rs 5355 for a 6-month subscription

How to Order:OKYZromon
Contact : 9930317566

10) ZLife Education

Zlife Education comes up with interesting science-based activity kits for kids every month that touch upon topics. The kit comes with experiments, essential tools and activity guide to teach your kids to enjoy their journey in the science world.

Age: 7 and above

Subscription Range: Depending on the kit starts from Rs.525/-

How to Order:Zlife Education
Contact : +91 9810573291

11) Curiositi

Curiositi is a curriculum based subscription box service, stands out in terms of its educational content in the activity kits. Curated to match what your child learns (from Std 1 to Std 10) in school, the educational-based activity boxes help your child to experiment, build and learn the different topics. For eg the 1 std children will have curated activity kits that teach them about modes of transportation, the concept of time and indoor and outdoor games and weather.

Age: Class 1 to Class 10

Subscription Range: 1 year Subscription – 4 boxes Sale Price – Rs.3000/-

How to order:Curiositi

Contact : +91 8880928554

12) Friendlytoz

Friendlytoyz.com started as a first of its kind ‘Toys as a service’ with the objective of providing children with the right toys at the right age for their skill development. We wanted to make the whole experience hassle free and easy on the pocket for parents, while keeping children productively occupied. What started as a local service in Faridabad, very soon became the service of choice across Delhi/NCR. Be it free home delivery, automatic exchange of toys, flexibility of service postponement, detailed instruction sheet with every toy, customized toy jackets or easy to understand & economical subscription plans, we strive to make the whole experience truly memorable for both kids and parents. Today, we have a comprehensive toys as a service portfolio with the addition of Weekly Book Service Library, Big Toys on Rent and Play Zone for Parties.

Age: 2-12 years

Subscription Range: Plans start from Rs 600 a month (1 toy a week) to Rs 6000 for 6-months (3 toys a week).

How to Order: https://www.friendlytoyz.com/toy-rental-plans.html

Contact us :99990 40218
Email: [email protected]

13) Purple Bee

Purple Bee activity boxes are fun hands-on activity kits for children in the age group of 3-7 years. Each box is based on a theme and come with all the materials and instructions required to do the activities. Early years are extremely important since the brain development that happens during that period forms the basis for how the child turns out to be when he/she grows up. Purple Bee boxes come with plenty of activities that enable the kids to have fun and at the same time think creatively. A new theme is delivered to your doorstep every month.

Age: 3-7 years

Subscription Range: Plans start from Rs 990/- a month to Rs 4500 for 6-months.

How to Order : http://purplebee.in/purple-bee-activity-kits

Contact us :9840745016

14)Globe Trotters Box

Globe Trotters Box is a monthly learning subscription box in India, for kids aged 4 to 12. Each month a country-themed box is delivered straight to your doorstep. We do all the research, preparation and sourcing for you, leaving you to focus on connecting with your child.

Each subscription box contains 4 to 5 activities that revolve around a country. Activities will vary from art and crafts to simple puzzles games, souvenirs and more. The first box comes with a large world map and a passport too! All materials and guidelines are included in the box.

Age: 4-12years

Subscription Range: Rs 2397 for a 3-month subscription. They have individual boxes at Rs.899/-

How to Order : Globe Trotters Box
Contact us :7291819418
Email: [email protected]

15)Fun N Learn

Fun ‘N’ Learn brings you a treasure of fun filled learning moments, in the form of creative worksheets keeping in mind the ever growing needs of your young ones, to learn, understand, and progress. Fun ‘N’ Learn treasure(worksheets) have been designed by an experienced creative team of educationalist to develop logical, lingual, analytical and problem solving ability in your young learners.

Age: 2-8 years

Subscription Range: Rs 1000 for 3 month, Rs 3000 for 12-month subscription.

How To Order: Check their website out Fun N Learn

Phone>Contact: 99874 45664

16)Noisy Newton

Noisy Newton is a first-of-its-kind, story based, portable science tinker lab for children aged 8 -12. Their mission is to improve science learning outside of a classroom setting through well designed products and activities. To impart knowledge through ‘touch and feel’ science that introduces children to real world scenarios and help them connect to the world around them.

Age: 8-12 years

Subscription Range: starts from 1499/-

How to orderCheck their website

Contact : Phone: 99874 45664
email [email protected]

17) Genius Box

Genius Box is a library of innovative, theme-based and age-appropriate activity kits created for children between the age group of 3-8. Genius Box activity kits are designed to
encourage creativity and curiosity through experiential play and hands-on exploration.
Each kit contains a range of interesting activities that comprise of educational projects,
puzzles, games and S.T.E.M. activities. All materials, tools and step-by-step instructions for each activity are provided within the kits, so that children can create, explore, play and learn with ease. Our expert panel ensures that all Genius Box kits cater to the key
developmental areas of the child.

Age Group : 3-8 years

Subscription Range : Starting from Rs.999/- to Rs.1499/-

How to Order: https://geniusbox.in/shop/

Contact : [email protected]

18) SP Robotic Works

SP Robotic Works provides STEM based Robotic & IoT Kits to explore technologies and build your dream in the domains of Electronics, Mechanical, Programming and Algorithms.The Children can choose from any 4 boxes

Age Group : 10 years and above.

Subscription Range : Starting from Rs6,499/- to Rs.15,499/-

How to Order: https://sproboticworks.com/shop

Contact : 1800-3000-0623
Email:[email protected]

19) Einstein Box

Einstein Box is for kids in the age group of 2 to 6 years. This subscription box concentrates on early learning.

Age Group : 2 to 6 years.

Subscription Range : 3 months Subscription Rs.1797/- and 6 months Subscription Rs. 3,294/-

How to Order: Check out their website

Contact :+91 96502 89276
Email:[email protected]


Crabo is a CRAFT Subscription Box Service for children. Each box is loaded with age-appropriate, 4-5 craft activities for children that promote being CREATIVE as a WAY OF LIFE. Boxes are Curated by experts, Approved by crafting enthusiasts and Tested by kids.

Age Group : 4 to 8+years.

Subscription Range: Monthly Subscription for Rs.960/- to 3 months Subscription Rs.2398/-

How to Order: https://www.crabo.in/

Contact :91 9650 2543 47
Email:[email protected]

These two are not subscription boxes yet they add a fun to the summer activities that your kids can do. Do check them out.

21) Skill Matic

Skillmatics was started with a clear goal – To develop innovative products and games for children which build core skills and reinforce key learning concepts – all through the joy of play!
we are deeply committed to our vision of developing products which bring joy to millions of children while helping them realise their full potential – one Skillmatics product at a time!

Age Group : 3 to 9 years.

Subscription Range:They are individual kits starting from 299/- to 699/-

How to Order: https://skillmatics.in/

Contact :+91 9821418505 / +91 2243471883
Email:[email protected]

22) Genius Kit

Genius kit is a product of Vaandooz – a world of learning and fun for your toddlers! We have just started our entrepreneurial journey with the mission of kindling the curiosity of your toddler through our unique products. At Vaandooz, we believe that the tendency to be curious is one of mankind’s greatest gifts. It makes us question the world around us which drives new thought process. The curiosity of man to reach the end of a flat earth made him discover its spherical shape. Newton’s curiosity about the falling apple made him discover gravity. We can appreciate the importance of curiosity by illustrating many such examples.

Age Group :4 years and above.

Subscription Range:They are individual kits starting from 750/-

How to order: Check their website http://www.vaandooz.com/

Contact :+91 9840313463,+ 91 9003238980
Email:[email protected]



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