40 ideas to do on this Ganesha Chaturti


Ganesha is the God of Siddhi. In India, before we celebrate any auspicious function we pray to Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated with great devotion all over India.

Here are some interesting Ganesha Painting and craft work to make your lovable Ganesha.

1. Awesome cute Ganesha Crochet Pattern by Cool Mama Blog

2. Beautiful Amigurumi doll by My Skills Guide

3. Another Beautiful design by Craftigenue

4. You can learn make Ganesha on Thermocol Sheet here
5. You can find a cute crocheted Ganesha fridge magnet at Leelas Hobbies

6. Swetha Vishwanath has shown here how to do Lord Ganesha Painting on thermocol

7. Here is an easy and simple craft to do using Pulses at home

8.This is an amazing DIY Ganesha Mural

9. Awesome Tanjore Painting by Tanjore Collection

10. Beautiful Thangka Painting Ganesha

11. Elegant Kerala Mural by Apni Avani

12. Vibrant Madhubani Ganesha by Chithra Sekar

13. Paper Mache Clay Ganesha made by Sabita

14. Hari Priya has made beautiful Ganeshas out of Maida

15. Leena demonstates How to make Burnt Wood Ganesha Mural

16. Preethi has made an awesome Reverse Glass Painting Ganesha

17. Suganthi of Daydreams shows How to make a Quilled Ganesha

18. Megha makes a Cute Ganesha

19. Zardosi Ganesha Painting by Alaknandan

20. Ganesha Coffee Painting by Paru

21. Chalk Carving Ganesha by Medha Devdas

22. Clay Ganesha by SN Deepa

23. Shalini Singhal has made beautiful Tanjore Glass Painting

24. Alaknanda has made beautiful http://craftziners.com/archives/charcoal-pencil-ganesha.html

25. Rashmi Krishna has made Ganesha on Parchment Paper

26. Cute Ganesha Felt doll by Deriana

27. Clay Ganesha by http://www.imprintshandmade.com/2013/09/diy-ganesha-efforts-this-festival.html

28. Another beautiful DIY Ganesha by Imprints Handmade

29. Personalised Ganesh mugs by Indulge Ash Corner

30. Metal Embossing Ganesha

31. Zentangle Ganesha by Dilip Patel

32. Ganesha Mural by Lalita Solomon

33. Rimzim Painting Ganesha

34. Ganesha on Tiles

35. Long Stitch Ganesha

45. Ganesha Glass Painting

46. Thermocol Balls Ganesha

36. Ganesha Painting by Sangita

37. Cute Bead Work Ganesha by Vijayalakshmi Krishnan

37. Learn to Make this beautiful Acrylic Ganesha Painting

38) Beautiful Ganesha Mural

39. Soft Pastel Ganesha

40. Kerala Mural Ganesha



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