5 Safety Tips For Drilling Bead Jewellery

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift whether for a holiday or any other purpose. Jewellery is prominent in our daily life and business. Do you enjoy beaded jewellery? Perhaps you should consider beading as a hobby or as a business. Creating own jewellery requires having knowledge on how to go about the process and the right supplies. One aspect of making beaded jewellery is drilling to ad small holes for decorative purpose. The holes also allow placing wiring into beads. Here’re 5 safety tips for drilling bead jewellery.

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1. Protection is key
Drilling comes with a risk of injury. So, ensure to wear protective gear to ensure your safety during the job. Jewellery drilling requires rotating the drill. This fast rotation leads to flying bits of jewelry and debris. Therefore, wearing goggles is important to protect your eyes. Ensure to wear latex or leather gloves to protect your fingers. Finger tape also helps to get a more flexible feel. Lastly, using the drill should be in a well-lit area since the beads for drilling are tiny.

2. Have the right tools and materials

Image credit: butterflybeads.ca

The drilling process for beads requires having all the necessary materials and tools handy. You need a drill and a shallow container with water. The water is to wash away debris as you work away. Additionally, the water is to keep the drill tip from overheating especially when you have a variety of pieces to work on. Leave a buffer between the bead piece you’re working on and the water container to avoid drilling into the container.

3. Mark the hole area

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Make a mark on the piece where the hole is to be made. The dent guides on where to place the actual hole. Ensure to use a smaller bit to test where the hole will go through before making the dent. An automatic centre punch, engraver, or prick punch can help to make the dent. The best dent is made with a tiny and precise tip. This makes moving the hole position easier in the right position. This is important before you begin working on your beads in Canada to make beautiful jewellery.

4. Choose the right drill

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Any drill can go through wooden beads. However, gemstone requires drilling that grinds the stone away to make a hole. It’s not just a matter of drilling right through it like wooden beads. The trick is to choose an appropriate drill to lessen chances of scarring the piece. Guide the drill to do the job without the use of extra force. This will prevent leaving a mess after drilling. Additionally, ensure to choose tools for buffing and polishing your finished bead jewellery pieces.

5. Make the piece stable

Image credit: butterflybeads.ca

For a clean cut and precise design, ensure to keep the piece stable as you work. There’re various ideas to help you achieve this. Putty can help keep the piece in place to lessen chances of breaking or chipping when the drill pushes through the end. A block of wood bigger than the beads lined with also offers the same experience. Alternatively, invest in a drill with a stand and a piece for holding the piece you’re working on in place.


Drilling is part of the bead jewellery making process. However, it’s important to handle the process smoothly without injury or waste of materials. The tips above will help you drill your beads safely to make amazing jewellery to give out this holiday.



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