A Tissue Paper Mache Wall Hanging

I will say how to do it.first for the sun.Cut out a cardboard in sun shape and roll out some news paper and make it into shape using...

How to make Paper mache wall decoration?

Materials News paper Tape Tissue paper white glue paints Method: Cut card board in Moon shape or sun shape then draw the features on it start making tubes of news paper by rolling it and...

How to make a waterfall using thermocol?- Nature’s Beauty

Materials Required Card board or thermocol sheet News Papers a lot White glue Lots of tape Acrylic paints Plaster of Paris Method First take a card board and cut it in the shape .Now first balls...

How to do Paper Mache

Hi, I am posting some paper mache recipe.Hope it will help you.I’ll send you clay recipe later. Paper Mache Recipes: Use one of these 3 Paper Mache Recipes: Recipe 1 Ingredients: Flour,water,paper Stir three parts...

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