Coconut midrib Arrangement


Materials needed

Coconut midrib or you could use thin strips of bamboo
Metallic paint
beads (make sure the beads will go at least halfway through the midribs.
paint brushes


How to do

First wind the coconut midrib around a cylindrical object (an old PVC pipe would be perfect ).
If you tie each one individually you will get nicer curls.
Tie it nice and tight and forget about it.
I mean leave it in a corner for about a month or so.
Now you might want to cover you work surface as the next step can get messy.
Spread newspapers on the floor and was ready to go.

I used the metallic paint and painted the midribs.

After drying them, I slid beads into them and stuck it on using super glue.
I used only two or three beads per midrib. The idea was to make it look airy and light. The first bead went as far along as it would go into the midrib and the rest were evenly spaced.

That’s its!, do it for the rest of the midribs and you have an easy showpiece.



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