How to do Painting on Thermocol Sheet – Shri Ganesh Ji



Materials I have used :

Chalk Powder
Acrylic Colors
3 D outliners
Tracing Sheet
Carbon Paper
Sand Paper

How to Do

First Cut the thermocol sheet according to the pattern. Make a mixture of Chalkpowder, glue and water. There is no specific ratio just to a proper consistency. Once the mixture is ready spread it evenly on the thermocol sheet using a knife. Leave it to dry.


Once its dried using a sandpaper evenly smoothen the surface. Now the surface is ready. Once ready using the pattern trace it on to the surface and then paint.



  1. Hi madhavi,

    Your all craft works are super . This thermocol ganesha is super.
    I have doubt . what type of thermocol used. I have some thermocol, it came from some pakage. Can I use that.


  2. Hi, I’m trying to make some letter shapes with thermocol.
    What I basically did was:-
    got a cardboard sheet from a nearest stationary shop.
    I took the printout of the name. Cut the letters separately on the paper. And pasted one letter on the cardboard.So, that i can use it as a base. I cut the letter on the cardboard. And Pasted the cardboard on a small square shape thermocol. I want to paint on it and put some “chemki” on it. I cut the thermocol with the help of the pasted cardboard.
    Now I have the letter ‘D’ on thermocol which has the cardboard letter(D) as the base. The main problem that I’m facing here is, I want to smoothen the edges and stuff. But don’t know which grit sand paper i need to use. And now, I mixed water with fevicol and pasted a tissue on this letter. its still drying. I’m using the tissue so that I can paint on top of it without worrying about the color fading away after a few months. Now I’m worried about the crumpled shape. Since the tissue was pasted on it…Any ideas… Please get back to me asap..

  3. hi i try this thermocol sheet painting but i am comfuse which glue i can put in to make a mixture of chalok powder glue and water please send the message as soon as possible. My daughter she is doint art and craft in school she want to make the project so she is thinking that why can’t i use this thermocol painting please send me the details of glue it is simple glue or fwood glue or what thanks seema

  4. Hi, your work looks gr8. Can u Plz….. suggest me any surface hardener available in India to coat thermocol surface after carving on that. Any suggestion on using the soldering gun for cutting thermocol smoothly & how to use that.

  5. @ Ajan – You can use fine emery to sand the edges of the thermocol letter ( Do it gently or the shape/size will change) I have used this while making Thermocol sculptures and it gives a very smooth finish

    • hey divya, i do a lot of decorations in Goa, i have got an order to make a sculptor of a bride groom sittign on a heart , whic is used as a centre piece,, i need to kwno how i can make a facial sculptor for the same. as they need to look good

  6. Recently I have made Hot wire Jig-saw thermocol cutter. It also cut sun boars and any other foam like butter.

    Any one can contact me on mobile no. 09242160737

  7. Hi

    I am looking for Thermocol Letter cutting machine .Please provide me the details if anobody aware of.

    Thanks in Advance

  8. HI

    Hi this is praveen could i know is there any hard thermocol sheets available in markets . were we can make profile out of this in the CNC machine using carbide cutter.

    This board as to be used for mould making in sand mould.

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