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Hello Crafter’s
I know its been sometime. Today we will learn how to make this beautiful Cut Foil Art. Now most of you must be wondering what is Cut Foil Art, its very simple, you are making a wall hanging using foil, the process is to cut and paste the foil on to the ready board.

These foils are not your normal aluminium foil. Its a bit thick and you can find them in Avenue Road Bangalore, that’s where I purchased them. I don’t remember the shops name it was a random shop. The foil is a bit thick and comes two sided, both silver and gold. So lets learn this simple and beautiful Art Work.

Materials Required

Ready board
Foil Sheet

How to do:

Trace the design on to the board and then on to the foil sheet. Cut the foil sheet, do embossing work using nib tool and then stick them on to the board.
Your work s completed.


  1. Your Comment… Hai it is very excellent . could u please assist me step by step in points how to do.

    i stay at chennai.
    my contactn o 9841723072
    can i have u contact no:

  2. Hi, its beautiful i am very fond of this type of craft i had know some foil paper craft on glass but how is this done i dont know so please send me full insrtuction that ican understood easily

  3. hi,

    I really liked this art…………I would really appreciate if u cud plz send me step by step instruction of this art……….

    take care

  4. this cut foil work is so cute. do keep up the good work. do u help me in knowin gthe method &tell me how have u get the embossed effect in foil work – lakshmi

  5. hey i ve this copper foil which i picked in a shop…basically he said it used fr writing yantram etc

    I thought u can draw sumthing on it and frm behind u can press with d instrument so that it will bulge …but after that do we ve to paint??
    and hw did u do the cut foil work pls send the procedure thx

    [email protected]

    • First trace the design on to the foil. Once you have traced using an embossing tool emboss the sheet once embossed stick using fevibond to the board. If needed paint for outlines.


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