Easy and Adorable Ghost Craft for Kids

One of my favorite parts of the changing seasons are the holidays that they bring. From the fun, holiday-themed food to the family gatherings to days spent doing crafts with my children. And, one of my favorite parts about doing crafts with my kids during the holidays is that there are plenty of holiday-themed crafts we love.

We especially love to craft decorative items to use in the kids’ rooms, on our dining room table, or even in the living room. One of my favorites that we have come across is this adorable ghost craft. Of course, we like to keep our ghost crafts more fun rather than scary, and this one is the perfect fun ghost craft for your little one:

Step 1

Start by grabbing few sheets of plain white felt paper from your local craft store. You will be cutting them so they don’t have to be bigger than the average size of a piece of paper. Next, take the plain white felt paper and cut out the shape of a ghost – it should be rounded at the top with three rounded edges at the bottom, like the picture here.

You will need to repeat this so that you have two pieces.

Step 2

Now, we are going to add a cute face to our spooky ghost! We actually used a needle and thread to sew black thread into the white felt paper, creating the eyes and the mouth. It gives your spooky little friend a real-life look.

Only add the face to one of the felt pieces; the other piece will be left blank to function as the back of the ghost.

Step 3

Now comes the fun part – bringing your little friend to life! Take the same black thread and needle to sew the two pieces together, but stop before you completely finish.

Step 4

In the little opening that still remains, before you finish sewing the two pieces together, add plush animal filling until the ghost is full and fluffy.

Step 5

Voila! Your finished product is complete. Now, all thanks to your scissors, needle, and thread you have the perfect ghost craft that your kids won’t find scary.

Check ours out!


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