How to do Epoxy Painting?


In this craft painting done with an epoxy medium. You can use pictures of birds and flowers. I have tried a flower here.

Materials Required

Epoxy gum
Acrylic/fabric/oil paint

How to do ?


Step 1 : Trace/draw a design on the tiles


Step 2: Now mix epoxy glue . Quickly take little glue using the stick and apply on one petal (just like applying color in glass painting)


Step 3 :Try applying glue on alternative petals and parts. Wait till it dries and then apply on the petals nearby(otherwise glue will merge with one another and will not give a 3d effect), After completing the figure with glue let it dry for a day.



Step 4 : Next apply color to the figure.


Step 5 : Apply a thin even coat of varnish and you can give it to frame.


  1. hey, i did a epoxy painting of lord ganesh and had in inlaid btween the wall tiles in pooja mandir instead of framing it. but i have a doubt–why do we need to apply varnish? any specific reason?

    also i know a similar technique using fevicol (great for embossed greeting cards) and i would like to share it with u.plz plz plz tell me how 2 contact u (any email id or anything). i’ve been into arts and crafts since i was 10 yrs old and i really appreciate ur work. finding ur blog was a real delight for me. i wish i had found ur site much earlier.

    • Hi…Yes there is a specific reason for using varnish. Varnish is usually used on paintings that we don’t frame using glass or fiber. Glass or fiber protects the painting from dust or pollution and preserves the painting in the same way varnish protects the painting from dust,dirt, pollution or fungi. It also gives a glossy look to the painting and evens out the painting. There are different types of varnish available you can chose which best suits your painting and use.

      Anything you like you can share there is no hard rule that you should share to be part of my blog. You can subscribe through feedburner. Also i will send you daily updates if you want to your mail. I am happy that you found now. You can mail me to [email protected] (or) [email protected]

  2. kindly tell me from where we can purchase the epoxy gum?i enquired it in the hobby idea shop in bglr..but didnt receive tht..please advise..

  3. hi anu, you will get epoxy glue in hardware shop – ask for epoxy adhesive or araldite – standard epoxy adhesive, also you can ask in Balaji Novelties art and crafts you will get fevitite rapid epoxy glue. In picture 1, I have posted the epoxy glue box for reference. Regards

  4. Can u please solve one doubt that i am facing for painting on smooth surfaces with acrylic paints. When I tried epoxy and reverse glass painting, i discovered that cracks are developed. Do I need to add something to the paint before using it on epoxy or glass.Please help

  5. hi madhs i love visiting ur blog.The only prob is i dunno to upload my pics will learn soon n upload many of my works and step by step how to do.i take classes at Chennai in T.Nagar.I’ve recomended ur site for many people as ur site is so valuable as well as very informative and for people who do not wish to go out and learn can use ur blog as it is really awesome
    please continue to give tips and the methods
    keep your work going guys

  6. I am really elated to find your blog, am basically a art loving person and was desperately looking for a good site to quench my thirst, when i came across your blog i felt relieved. Am finding your ideas, methods and tips are too good, will surely try out doing your work as many as possible. Thank you, keep going.

  7. Hi
    I am fm Sri Lanka. I sent you an email on 9/9/10. Hopeyou recvd it.
    Your site is very useful for people like me, who do not have the time and stamina to
    go out and learn. Also, here in Sri Lanka we do not get these types of variety art.
    Art /craft materials are very expensive as most of them are imp0rted from other
    countries. Pls keep up the good work. You are lucky to be born in India.
    Pls reply my email. I will be very happy.



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