How to do Metal Etching


Etching is a work of art where one makes a design on metal or glass by etching out the lines with a tool.

Materials Required are:

Aluminium Sheet
Black Enamel Paint
Etching Tool
White Carbon Sheet

Method :

Cut the sheet according to the size of the design. Now paint the sheet with black enamel paint. Leave it to dry completely. Trace the design on the sheet using the white carbon sheet. Next using the etching tool, scrape off the paint. Do not scrape off the paint completely. Make long-short scratches on the black aluminium sheet in the direction of flow of the figure. The entire design should be scratched out. Your art work is complete


  1. Hey Meera, the moment i landed on your profile i felt like i was looking at what i always wanted to be….. can 2 people be so similar? Vow! really feels good… i have been wanting to learn all forms of art from the time i was 12 but somehow it never materialized until 2 months back; when i finally put my foot down and decided that i will learn and do all that i want to. so i learnt to do mehndi and i learnt to make soft toys, i learnt hand embroidery (all kinds including kutchi, mirror work, zardosi, satin ribbon, etc). am currently learning to stitch using the machine, and to do aari work. Am going to start learning machine embroidery, crochet and knitting from march. can’t tell u how happy and fulfilled i feel when i complete some thing of art. i also want to try candles and flowers, but maybe after april. and yes lamasa and papier mache too. i don’t know why i feel like telling you all this. i hope u woudn’t mind.

    couple of things i saw on your blog and wanted to really know – cross stitch, long stitich, stenciling, sola wood, soap flower, latch work – can u tell me what these are and if possible, ow are they done? also, i have heard one can make flowers using crepe paper, paper ribbons, tissue paper, satin, stocking, Fabric, Crystal, Beads, Sequins, Organdie voile, soap etc. do u think i can learn making flowers of all these at home or do i need to take classes for it? and do i need to take classes for fabric painting and pot decoration? any idea about candle – making?

    sorry to bug u so much….. but i have no one around me who has any love for these things so finding u was like finding a godsent.

  2. hi meera.the works which u have done r so amaging, that i was shocked to see so good paintings n hand works.i wish u continue this n update it regularly.

  3. Hi Ankita,

    Thanks for your comments. It is very valuable to me. Like you said, it is not easy to find two like-minded people. I had started somewhat like you did, and have really enjoyed doing all the art work that I have done so far. And I have realized that the world of art is more than what one can expect – the more I learn and do, the more there is to know and learn about.

    I’m happy to know that you would like to know more about cross stitch, stenciling, etc. I try to put how-to’s once in a while on this site like this one for Nib painting:

    I’ll be posting more like them as and when time permits, but for a start, I’ll tell you about cross stitch and long stitch, because they are related and easy to learn and do.

    The ones you see here:

    These are done on stitch kits for various patterns that are available in the market. You must have seen Anchor’s stitch kits in fancy stores, etc. where you get items for art work. These are available in various designs, patterns, and in various sizes.

    Do keep visiting. If you are interested in posting your works do send me. I would be more than happy for you to be a part of my blog.



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