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What do I say about Deepa? I first came across Deepa’s blog when I was looking for Embroidery Ideas, she has been one of the inspiration for me taking back my needle and thread from my closet. Even though we haven’t met or spoken she and her blog shares a very special place in my life, where I pop into view her works whenever I get time.

Trying to revive this feature back with a bang by featuring who else, but our dear – Deepa.

Artist – Deepa Balagopal

Blog –  http://deepashome.blogspot.com/

Location – Bangalore, India


Madhavi: Can you tell me a little about yourself, and when your interest towards craft started?

Deepa : Keralite,Wife of one, Mother of one,Software professional as well as Lecturer at a reputed institution in Bangalore.I was interested in all forms of crafts from my childhood,I learnt Embroidery ,Crochet and knitting when I was in my 6th std.I made couple of sweaters for my brother and my father and crocheted ( with ample input from my mother) T.V covers,table covers etc.Both of us embroidered a sofa back too. But gradually, academics and then career took up more time and I could pick up needle and thread only after 15 long years when I was expecting my daughter and was on medical leave.I started stitching an anchor long stitch kit just to get the feel back. Now, wherever Deepa is,there would be a needle and some thread :)

Madhavi: What would you say you are most skilled at (craft wise), and what craft skills would you like to be more skilled at?

Deepa : Ofcourse, Hand embroidery and Dimensional embroidery. I would like to learn more and more styles and love to teach them to others too. But I love all forms of crafts – I want to try my hand at many of them – like fabric painting,Tanjore, Oil pastels etc.


Madhavi: What do you do when you’re suffering a creative block to unblock?

Deepa : I do something else, he,he.

Madhavi: Can you tell about some crafting tools that you cannot live without?

Deepa : Do I need to? Isn’t it obvious ? :)

Madhavi: Where do you get all these inspiration for arts and crafts work?

Deepa : Predominantly nature. I love florals and nature embroidery. So I try and observe the colors of nature.Ofcourse,the works of other artists too are inspirational.I’ve just finished a major work on bed linen, it took me almost 8 months . I am exhausted,so I think I’ll try something different now – not florals atleast.


Madhavi: What inspired you to launch your own website?

Deepa : I started my blog – http://deepashome.blogspot.com when I was sitting at home after the birth of my daughter. After being fully occupied during all these years with studies and career,suddenly there was a vaccum. Post delivery blues were peeping in, so I decided to make myself visible through the web.

Madhavi: Do you ever get “overloaded” by arts and crafts items in your house? What do you do in such cases?

Deepa : No,never. Infact, I don’t have much stash.I want to try so many of the stuff available around the world. Indian markets have only Indian stuff which is unfortunate. The Rayon threads which I use for Brazilian embroidery are also bought from the U.S.


Madhavi: Do you have any other passions?

Deepa : I love reading fiction. I love word games,especially scrabble.I learnt contemporary dance just a year back. Oh, I love a lot of things. I want to try my hand at Jewellery designing too. But,that doesn’t mean that I am super creative. I  love learning,that’s it!!!

Madhavi: Do you have any advice for budding arts and crafts enthusiasts?

Deepa : Just keep learning and trying. If your work is not perfect,don’t stop there – keep trying again and again.


  1. hi, deepa it’s a wonderful blog. today only i came to know about you. your work has given me new inspirations as an embroider. Thanks to you and also to Madhavi for showcasing her blog.

  2. hello,i recently opened my blog.i was looking for some similar blogs sharing needle works.ilove making designs using satin stiches &cross stiches.bt the most i love is making bags,cosmetic cases,purses using embroidery.


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