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(God’s verdict – This is an abstract painting done with acrylic on paper. Here the central yellowish figure represents a soul praying to God for ‘mukti’ (salvation). God is not accepting the soul as the soul has accepted both ‘punya’ and ‘paap’ depicted in this painting with white and dark colors around the soul. In Hindu dharma it is said that souls without any association with punya and paap gets mukti.)

Its my great pleasure to introduce you to our this week guest and her amazing website.
Name : Meeta Dani
Website: www.kalashilpi.com
Location: Bangalore
Contact: 09980147946, 080-41739193

Can you share with us a bit about your art, your self and how it got started?
Since childhood, whether it be music, potteries, paintings, or any other artistic thing under the Sun, I used to get attracted toward them. My mother encouraged me to join art classes during my summer vacations. As a result I learned to make pottery, candle making, tie-and-dye, bamboo artwork, ceramic painting, etc.
I started my professional career as a software engineer and completed my Masters degree in computers after I got married. After almost 10 years into software I took a career break when my daughter, Jiya, was born in 2008. During this phase I started taking painting classes.

Is Art your Passion or Profession?

My passion for painting gave me immense joy and satisfaction and I decided to quit software industry and make my passion my career.Both, firstly it is my passion and then profession.

How many years have you been into Art and Crafts seriously as a profession?
I started my brand name ‘Kalashilpi’ in Jan 2010, but started working seriously after my mother passed away in May 2010. It was her wish to see me have a name of myself in the world of art and paintings.

How did you come up with the brand name Kalashilpi?

While deciding my brand name I was not biased towards a particular art. That’s why the name Kalashilpi. Kala means art and Shilpi means creator.

Flowers in blue: This is an oil/acrylic textured painting on stretched canvas with a background in blue.

Is there any area which you would say you specialize in Art and Crafts?
Painting is my passion but I won’t say I am specialized in this area. I never got any professional training in fine arts.

Do you take classes for others?
Yes, I do take classes. I have a school at my house in Bangalore. I like teaching children more. They are very innovative and I often end up learning something from them. Occasionally I take crash courses for adults on abstract painting, murals, candle making, etc.

Which of your tool is your favorite?

I don’t have any one specific tool. I paint using brushes, fingers, knives, and various other materials.

What part of the creative process do you enjoy the most?
Firstly, I like the planning and thinking, which goes before creating anything new. I like mixing different ideas and experimenting with mediums.

What keeps you motivated?
Painting is my passion and I need to create something new to keep myself happy and connected to myself. If I do not create any thing new for more than few days then I feel restless.

What would be your tips, advice and suggestion to your fellow crafters?
This is a field, which needs a lot of innovation. While learning any art/craft we usually get inspired by other’s work. But one needs to think differently, creatively.

What’s the best part of having your own business?
In my business I have the freedom to think, create and work in my own pace and own style. I experiment a lot and need not have to ask anyone before taking a step forward.

What inspired you about having your own business?
My mother always wanted me to have a big name in the field of art specially painting. After my mother’s death in May 2010 I realized that I had a burning desire to let my talent be open to the world. My mother’s dream to see me become successful and recognized in the world at large, became my driving force to own a business.

How and where do you advertise your product?
I set up business deals with big companies, multi-star hotels and with big organizations where my work will get admiration. Other than that I participate in exhibitions. I haven’t yet advertised my work anywhere.

What are your future goals for your business?
I am trying to have a mark in the international market right now. My first dream is to make ‘Kalashilpi’ paintings have a reputation of its own in the global market.

If you had no financial or time constraints, what dream project would you like to work on?

In future I want to have a big art university where art and craft under different arenas can be learned, new ideas experimented, all under one roof.

Thanks Meeta, for sharing your experience



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