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I first came across her blog when I was looking for a crochet pattern. I have been a regular follower since then. Her quilting and sewing are something which has inspired me a lot to take up quilting and stitching. Its my pleasure to introduce her to all the Craftziners.

Thanks alot Nima, I must say you have been great in responding to my mail.

Name : Nima Titus
Blog: Made to Treasure
Location: Indian residing in Muscat, Oman
Contact:[email protected]

1.Can you share with us a bit about your passion for Quilting, Crochet and Needlework, your self and how it got started?

I learned to do hand embroidery and cross-stitch from my mom, when I was 8 years old. It was on a handkerchief corner, few simple lazy daisy flowers and leaves. Later I tried hand embroidery on pillows, cushion cover etc. When I was in grade 4, I represented my school for district level craft competition. I got my first sewing machine, a manual singer machine from my dad when I was in grade 6.

After that, I tried small long stitch kits by anchor that was available in India at that time.  I got diverted to music during my teenage years. Moreover, I was studying for my B. Tech in computers…and so my needlework passion was inactive for few years..

After marriage, like some of the Indian women, I stayed home without looking for a career. My husband was fascinated by a cross-stitch bookmark I made for him for Valentine’s Day…and he encouraged me to do more.

Cross-stitch is my all time passion, and I love Hardanger too. I learned crochet by myself and am now in the process of learning to quilt. I tried to learn shuttle tatting and knitting but they are not my passion yet.

2. Is Art your Passion or Profession?
It’s my passion and would love to take it as a serious business in future.

a. What do you do with all the works that you make?

Most of the stuff i make , i give it away as gifts and for charity fundraising. At times i sell few stuff if i get some custom orders.

3. Do you have any favorites in the crafts that you have made?

There are many favorites in my crafty finishes…from a small flower i stitch on a nappy corner to big wall hangings are in my favorite list.

to list a few i’m proud of ….

1.My cross stitched quilted wall hanging , it is my one of the biggest project where i combined 2 crafts together.

2. My first cross stitch pattern

3. My crochet strawberry pattern and earring pattern.

4. What type of art do you like to make more of?

I love to make more of the home decor stuff and girlish accessories like bags, purses

5. How did you come up with the brand name Made to Treasure?

Once when i gifted on of my handmade stuff to my dear friend, she said she is going to treasure it and asked me why don’t i try to make it as a business…then i said…i make handmade stuff to treasure….not much ambitions other than that….then i started to talk more about making it to treasure and thus named my blog …Made to treasure

6. Do you take classes for others?

I take classes for my friends and girls . It’s not a serious business yet…just that they are fascinated and come to my house to learn….

7. Which of your tool is your favorite?

1. my no.2 steel hook for crocheting doilies.

2. Qsnap for my cross stitch and hardanger.

3. self healing mat, rotary cutter and rulers for quilting.

8. What part of the creative process do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the process of perfect finishing.

9. What keeps you motivated?

My urge to do something new every day.

10. What would be your tips, advice and suggestion to your fellow crafter’s?

Be passionate about what you are doing

11. What are your future plans for your blog?

I love to communicate to the world thru my blog. to interact with the like minded crafty people. if i’m starting a business i’ll host another site for it.

12. If you had no financial or time constraints, what dream project would you like to work on?

I would love to invest on a hitech Bernina sewing machine and to explore more into quilting and sewing…


  1. hi madhavi,
    i saw the marble painting you’ve made it’s very beautiful and looks simple. i came across it when i was looking for marble painting classes.Can you please tell me if you know of anyone who can teach this art in bangalore.Pls do mail me [email protected] thank you


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