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I had stumbled upon Suganthi Mohan’s blog a few months ago, and have been an admirer of her works since the first visit. The quilling patterns she has made are so beautiful and very symmetrical. I would suggest that you check out her blog, and you’ll fall in love with her art work and blog. Its great having her with us and sharing her journey.

Thank you so much for your taking your valuable time.

Here’s more about her:

Artist: Suganthi Mohan
Blog : http://papercraftss.blogspot.com/
Location : Chennai, India

Can you share with us a bit about your art, your self and how it got started?

I am a B.E computer science graduate from Ramaiah college Bangalore. I never thought of crafts while I was studying , it was only when I married and settled in Chennai, I took interest in water colour painting. From then on I have done a lot of art work in pencil shading, oiling painting and mixed media. Paper crafts happened only less than an year ago.
Here I have to thank you and Craftziners , When I started to contribute to craftziners, I came across a link to folding trees for a Kusudama tutorial and there I discovered a whole new world of paper art , there I found a tutorial for quilled snow flakes which got me hooked to paper quilling. From then on I self taught quilling from tutorials from other blogs and watching quilling videos on You tube.

How did you come up with the idea of using quilling to make kollams?
Making card happened later, but in the beginning I was just making quilled elements and posting them , I did not mount it on any thing,Not having a book of patterns was a great handicap , so I looked around me for inspiration . Our kolam both the free hand and the dotted ones I felt had the potential to be quilled. I also have seen wonderful patterns in Mehendi books and our sarees. I used to cut and use thick paper at that time which when curled would keep its shape ,making it ideal for making paper kolams which were so sturdy that I could actually use it for decoration.

What do you do with all the quilled cards?
I have sold a lot of cards to people I know ( I volunteer at our local library called Avvai Kalai Kalagam Where a lot of women volunteer along with me ). I have also given a lot away to loved ones ,it has never failed to bring a smile on their faces.

Which of your tools is your favorite?
I have always used needles to quill ( I started quilling with my tapestry needle,which came with anchor quick stitch kit). Now I have made my own needle tool by fixing a needle to a silver  pen . which works well for me. It’s my favourite tool. slotted tool has its  uses , I use it to fold a rose .

What part of the creative process do you enjoy the most?
Though I love to roll and pinch the strips , I never completely plan my cards. I start with an idea and add on as I go until I am satisfied. My favourite part is when I have to think and  put all the elements together and feel “Yes I am done”.

What keeps you motivated?
Honestly , my blog  is my greatest motivation I love to post and see it grow.My family of course , My husband helps me get art stuff and my kids love my work and they egg me on to follow my passion. The people who appreciate my work and buy my cards motivate me in a big way.

What would be your tips, advice and suggestion to your fellow crafters?
Until now with other art forms , I have made beautiful replicas of other peoples work , Only with quilling I have been creative and that I think is what is most appreciated. I would suggest to my fellow bloggers to express themselves through their art.

For me blogging is learning practically, we get to follow great blogs and learn new techniques and ideas. So I encourage people to blog.

If you had no financial or time constraints, what dream project would you like to work on?
If I had all the money and time I would like to buy every kind of paper punch available and make a framed work of quilling and punch art to cover an entire wall. My daydreams are endless and some have come true in my blog and this is one of them (being features on your blog)


  1. Suganthi…. am Thanga’s Collegue and got to know about ur artworks through him…. I like all your quilled work and ur creativity is amazing… keep rocking….

  2. hey even i m a B.E CS graduate.. bt now I m totally into learning new crafts..
    I ws thrilled abt paper quilling wen i sw it for d first time.. though i have tried out some using tutorials on net..bt i m nt yet satisfied.. hope practice will make me gud at it.. I tried to register with craftziners bt i dint get my password.. i wud luv to become a part of this website.. kindly check out my works and help me plz..


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