How to do Glass Carving


This is my first attempt at this piece of work. I wanted to use black adhesive paper instead of white, but I could not get any. So I had to do with white adhesive paper instead, and paint it black.



Materials required

Glass – (size to be proportionate to picture you need to carve)
Glossy- black coloured adhesive paper
Art knife
White & silver sparkle glue
White carbon paper

What to do

Draw the outline of the glass on the black adhesive paper. Cut the black adhesive paper and affix to the glass. Draw or trace the picture with white carbon on the adhesive paper- the outlines will be marked with white (as the carbon paper is white).

With the carving knife remove all the black adhesive paper inside the outlines. The white outlines only should remain. After the full picture has been carved, fill up the picture with the silver sparkle glue and let it dry for 24 hours.

The picture can then be framed.


  1. Its very simple deep. You get something called black adhesive paper in stationery shop. Just stick it to the glass and then trace the design on to the black paper and then using a cutter u need to carve…cut the paper / remove them and in the end fill with some glitter. Hope i was able to explain.

  2. Hey I understood. Really it’s very simple. Hope this weekend I’ll try at home. Thank you very much for sharing. Also I would like to know if I can learn soft toy making anywhr in B’lore. Can you help me with that?

    Once again Thanks alot.

  3. Thanks for the concern. I want to ask you one more thing. I know I m asking so many questions but wat to do, u hav done such wonderfull job can’t help it. You hav mentioned in many place that “subscribe to my blog thrugh feedburner” can you tell me wat it means, I would love to be a subscriber of this blog.



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