Homemade Aluminum Polish

There are a lot recipes for homemade aluminum polish that can be done at home with things bought straight from the supermarket. The final products are as good and as effective as the expensive chemicals designed especially for aluminum polish. The latter can also be dangerous for the health more precisely for our respiratory system. So saving money and taking care of your health you can choose a homemade product from hundreds of recipes.

Aluminum is resistant of corrosion, that’s why they use it for making pans, pots along with other things . But it could easily tarnish and that’s why we have to take care of it with cleaning and maintaining its luster when it’s gone. Over the time the aluminum loses its colour and and the only way to restore its usual shine is to polish it right. For the different problems with the quality of aluminum things you should use different recipes and instructions.

For discoloration use a tablespoon of vinegar poured into one liter of water. Of course you can make larger quantity but maintaining the same proportion of the products. This mixture should be heated on the stove in the aluminum pan or pot you want to make shine, until discoloration vanishes. Another thing to do that will have the same effect is using two teaspoons of cream of tartar blended in one liter of water, heated till the objects recover their original hue.

If you want to clean aluminum door frames and windows you can use another recipe made up with common ingredients every housewife has. Mix four cups of water with one cup of vinegar in a vessel that can be sprayed with. Scrub the aluminum surface with a few slices of lemon and then pour water and the made vinegar mixture to clean it. This will create an amazing gleam of your door frames and windows. The recipe is created by TenancyClean and is 100% effective.

Especially for shiny and clean pots and pans there is a homemade recipe that may be useful. You only have to pour out water into your pan or pot and for every liter of it use two soup spoons of cream of tartar. Then add into the pot or pan half a cup of lemon juice or if you don’t have you can use vinegar as a substitute. Now you have to boil this mixture for ten more minutes. After that remove it from the stove and leave it to chill. When it is cool enough wash the vessel and let it dry out. This is a homemade luster for you pots, pans and other tableware made of aluminum.

Aluminum polish can be made out of baking 
soda and lemon juice. Baking soda is famous for its scrubbing qualities it is used in cookery and in some cosmetic products for scrub as well. Blend two soup spoons of it with some lemon juice until you make a thick

paste. It doesn’t matter what you polish bigger or smaller it is most advisable to scrub in a circular motion in order not to harm the material. Other ingredients you can use for polishing aluminum besides lemons, vinegar and tartar cream are tomatoes and rhubarb. These vegetables should be used to polish smaller aluminum objects. In a vessel of your choice that is big enough to place the object you want to clean in it, put a couple of trunks of rhubarb and tomatoes. This should be boiled and after that let to cool. Dry the thing you want to clean with a small towel. For smaller pieces and objects you can use a toothbrush as a tool for cleaning all the dirt and waste of products. It goes deep into the material and cleans thoroughly.

The ingredients used for homemade aluminum polish are not many but are combined in different combinations and used for different purposes. They are easy to find, every household has them and are not hard to find in every supermarket. There are a couple of rules you have to follow when applying the instructions but they are mostly the same and easy to learn.

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