Homemade lip balm container

Homemade_lip_balmEvery self respecting lady pays attention to her appearance more or less and especially for one particular part of the face – the lips. Lips have always been  an attractive part every woman’s face and that is why the lipstick and lip balm   play great role for the great look of the lips. If you consider yourself a creative type of person that prefers home made ways for having lip balm, we will offer you suitable tutorial for making the best lip balm container that you can imagine. It is easy to be prepared and if you wonder where to put your home lip balm, this turns out to be the ideal decision to this problem.

It is true that you could buy these containers from the nearest drug store, however there is another inexpensive alternative that will save you up a lot of money. If you followed these instructions by Call Carpet Cleaners you will receive great lip balm container in a fast way.




  1. You need a clean plastic bottle for this purpose. Cut the bottle below the neck with a suitable knife and trim the ring if it is necessary. Another thing that you need to make sure is that the inside of the bottle is completely dry before start with the process


  1. Remove the cap from the bottle and use appropriate glue to the rim of the end. The next step is to place it on wrapping plastic. Look carefully for the excess plastic and cut it off with scissors, looking precisely at the bottle cap.


  1. When the container is ready put the lip balm into it and then shrink the plastic by using a blow of air in order to make the bond better. For that purpose you could use a hair blow drier.


  1. The next step is to check carefully if the plastic is still warm and if so, you need to put the container in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes. In this way the plastic will be cooled down in the fastest possible way.


  1. The final step is to screw the bottle cap and then you can use without any problem your lip balm in your new container. If you make your own lip balm this container will do a great job.


This alternative is ideal decision for a fast and appropriate container for your balm and you can try this in your home,without being equipped with special materials. One very important moment is to remember to clean everything when you finish with the  process of making the new container. Do not forget to do this unless you want to leave a mess in the room where you have experimented with this. If you do not receive the desired results from the first time, do not discourage and read the instructions again. May be you have missed some details, but we assure you that this method for creating a lip balm container is more than guaranteed.


If you traditionally prefer the home made lip balms, there is no point in purchasing containers because in this way you will spend a lot of money that you could use for other purposes. We advise you to show your creative skills and to follow this easy tutorial that will facilitate you a lot. Even if  you feel reluctant to take up with DIY activities, this could be the fresh start for you.

Give your lips the greatest care, by preserving your lip balm into this unique home made container and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.





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