How to Choose Jewelry Based on Your Skin Tone?


Everything you wear on your body determines how you appear to others. That is, from the dress you wear and the style of makeup to the jewellery. Apparently, many don’t realise the fact that the jewellery on your body has an important part to play in appearance. The jewellery may be costly. But, that doesn’t mean that every jewellery will suit everyone. Wearing the jewellery based on your skin tone will amplify your beauty. As in other parts of the world, Saudi gold jewellery shops have an ample collection of ornaments that suit different types of skin tones. 

General tips to choose Jewellery based on your skin tone

We will be explaining the general tips to choose jewellery based on your skin tone. Once you have confirmed the skin tone, you can easily purchase your favourite designs even from the online jewellery stores. The succeeding paragraphs will guide you regarding determining your skin tone, matching skin tone to metals, matching skin tone gemstone colours and more.  

Determining Skin Tone

People misconstrue skin colour with skin tone. Both skin tone and skin colour are different characteristics of the skin. Skin colour is the surface layer of the skin. It will be affected by the changes in atmospheric conditions. In tropical climatic conditions, the skin colour may turn dark and oily due to heat and humidity. However, Skin Tone, which is the inner layer, will remain the same.   

There are three types of skin tones, i.e. Cool, Warm and Neutral. You can check and confirm your skin tone under natural light. If your veins appear either blue or purple, you presumably have cool skin tone. For warm skin tone, the veins will appear green. On the other hand, if it is confusing for you to confirm whether the veins are green or blue, you have a neutral skin tone. 

Matching skin tone to metals

The type of metals that suit different skin tone is different. The basic idea is that the colour of the metal must complement the skin tone. Then only the jewellery will add elegance to your appearance.

Cool – The jewellery made of Platinum, White Gold and Silver go well with people of cool skin tone. The colours of the metal match perfectly with the skin tone and add to your beauty.

Warm – Gold, Rose Gold, Copper and Brass jewellery is advisable for those with warm skin tone. Just check for these sections when you browse online jewellery in Saudi and select your design. 

Neutral – You may consider yourself the luckiest among the lot if you have a neutral skin tone. As the name indicates, it’s neutral and jewellery from white and yellow metals will suit you. Thus making online jewellery selection easy for you. 

Matching skin tone to gemstone colours

You have selected the metal according to the skin tone. Did you pay attention to the colour of the gemstone on it? The colour of the gemstone on the jewellery can make or break the look. The gemstone with its bright colour will capture peoples’ attention immediately. Therefore, the selection of gemstone that suits your skin tone also must be ensured. 

A cool skin tone can wear bright coloured gemstones. Those include red, green, purple and blue. The bright gemstones will enhance the beauty of the jewellery and the individual. 

Brown, orange, yellow and turquoise tones will match people with warm skin tone. These are earthly colours and are befitting to the warm skin tone. 

What Season Are You?

So, what season are you? You can be summer, winter, spring or autumn. Those with cool skin can be either summer or winter season. And those with dark skin tone can be either spring or autumn. If you understand your season, it will help you in selecting the jewellery further. 

Autumn – If you are the autumn season, you may avoid dark coloured jewellery. Gold, orange, beige and similar shades will magnify your beauty 

Spring – Colours such as green, peach and beige will suit you perfectly. Dark shades may not match those in the spring season

Winter – Black, grey, white, navy blue etc will match with the winter season 

Summer – Colours like pink, lilac, blue etc suit summer season 

Does skin tone really matter?

Of course, it is better to wear according to the occasion. And with the aptly selected dress and jewellery. The observations in the preceding paragraphs are intended to guide you regarding the selection of jewellery that can enhance your beauty. It is expected that this article will help you in deciding how to choose jewellery based on your skin tone.

With the arrival of online stores, you can order jewellery of your choice sitting in the comfort of your home. However, you may require choosing the right jewellery singlehandedly. Knowledge about the skin tone, metals that match with each skin tone and gemstone colours for each kind of skin tone may be considered before selecting the jewellery from the online jewellers. 

At the same time, everything depends on one’s perspective. As it is said, there are no facts but only perceptions. If you are confident enough, nothing can discourage you from wearing the jewellery of your choice.  


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