How to Clean Paintbrushes for Oil-based paints?


I love to paint and have a lot of varieties of painting brushes, some real expensive and some cheap. But I would suggest all the readers to invest in good brush. Once you have invested in good brush you need to take proper care of the brushes especially if you are using oil based paints.

Things you need…..

Paint Thinner
Wire Brushes

What Next???
Pour some paint thinner into a clean bucket. Dip the bristles into the paint thinner and swish around.Comb paint from the bristles with a wire brush.
Dip the bristles into the paint thinner again and swish. Throw out the used paint thinner and clean out the bucket.Repeat this process two more times.
Place the handle of the paintbrush in the palms of your hands and rub hands back and forth to shake out residual moisture. Do this over a paper bag or bucket to keep the liquid from spraying on you. Place the paintbrush back into its cover or wrap with plastic.


  1. Hi, thats the good idea you have given. I will try this at home, coz many of my brush got spoiled due to use of mediums. But can you sure that it will clean the brush used by mediums.
    please send me reply
    vasco goa 09/05/09 11:15 hrs

  2. hi

    thanks a lot for the information.
    I have a query is the paint thinner same as kerosine or we have to ask for paint thinner in particular from shop.
    and also i want to do oil painting next.I have bought oil paints for that.but how can I clean brushes while changing colours each time .we do it in water when using poster colours.

    Please bear with me if the question is very silly but reply to me .
    thank u

    • You get odourless turpentine from camlin also you can use linseed oil as thinner for oil paints. You get these in art and craft shop. check this link
      Oil paints you can clean brush using Kerosene or Turpentine. Don’t use water. Also don’t use the same brush that’s what i do i use one brush for a color while using oil paints, then i clean using kerosene and liquid soap. It will help the brush last longer.
      Once the paint is dried use a varnish to keep the paint safe from fungus.


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