How to do Ceramic Work on Pot


In this tutorial you will learn how to make this beautiful Ceramic work on Pot.

Materials required

Ceramic Powder
Corn Flour
Sand Paper

For the background
*Mix Ceramic powder and Fevicol in 3:2 Ratio like Idly batter with a tablespoon.
*Now take little mixture in a knife without lumps and press in the pot little upwards and bring it down so that u form a rose petal shape.
*Complete one row and do the next row of petals in between two petals of the first row.
*Complete the pot and let it dry for 24 hrs.

For Making the flower
*Mix Ceramic powder and cornflour in the ratio 3:1 and add small pieces of cotton to make the binding strong and mix with required quantity of fevicol to make the dough.
*Now take required quantity of the dough and roll it into thilakam (cone) shape and make patterns with knife, stick it in the pot.
*Make 10 or 13 petals for the first row leaving gap in the center for pollens.
*Then make 10 or 13 more for next row and fix them in between two petals.
*Let it dry and in the mean time make the pollens.
*For the pollens make very small balls and make tails for the balls by rolling with your fingers (like meteors).
*Make 100 balls and let it dry.
*Now take a ball from the dough and fix in the center of the sunflower using fevicol and fix the dried pollens in the ball and let it dry.
*For making the black flower take small balls and make thilakam shape and press with your hands, make 100 of petals and let it dry for a day.
*Take a big ball and stick it in the pot with fevicol and fix the petals row by row from outside to inside and let it dry.
*For the leaf , take a real leaf of required size, take a big ball and make into a thilakam shape and spread across the leaf from the center after applying little oil in the leaf so that it comes out from the leaf with impressions.
*Now stick the leaf to your imagination before it dries.

Once the ceramic work dries start coloring.




  1. Hi Supria, pot work is very nice… it looks awesome…
    please can u share the coloring method… waiting for your reply…
    thank you..

  2. hi i got everything… actually even i am trying to come out with something in ceramics.. i had a small doubt.. u said to do flowers we need to mix cornfloor and cotton pieces… can u plz be clear with it ..i mean explain it clearly and is it same for all types of shapes in ceramic??

  3. hi i wish to prepare ceramic fountain so please help me regarding technique and ceramic material available in vadodara

  4. hi
    we wish to prepare tabeltop fountain so i need necessary some raw material -ceramic powder, china clay can u give availablity address in vadodara(gujarat) and please ggive some tips, ref about preparation

  5. hi i liked ur work a lot on pots… i want to learn how to do 3d ceramic flower can u tell the proportions and materials to be used

  6. hi…supria
    i had tried to make a pot through ceramic powder but i found it little bit difficult to make without seeing any videos so, i request u to please upload the video for it

  7. Hi Supriya,

    Your sunflower pot is mindblowing. I had seen it at a friends place and that time wanting to learn it,have not started it still. Please send me the procedure to colour it and youur id for me to contact you. Thanks ….a looot


  8. Hi At present I am living in australia, when was back home few years back had done cone work on big pot, now wish to do the same but we don’t get ceramic powder here, so can you kindly help me by letting me know how can I do the conework like what can I use as substitute for ceramic powder, want to amke some thing for my pooja room.


  9. Hi supriya
    I followed your instructions but once I make the dough its getting hardened very fast . Can u suggest me anything with this issue


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