How to do Reverse Glass Painting?


To do this reverse glass painting u can either buy a kit with design of your choice or

Materials Required
Glass liner
Glass colors
Gold powder and medium for it
Fabric colors of your choice.

*Place the glass above the design and draw the design with glass liner as u do mehendi.
*Let it dry for sometime.

*In case u do pictures of Gods then keep in mind u have to trace the mirror image of gods, as u would frame the reverse of the glass and not the side you paint. (else you’ll have the hands interchanged)

*Now first give the red and green glass color where ever required like the stones in the necklaces, then mix the gold powder with the medium and give it in the required places. (Make sure u paint the fine details or effects that are to be seen through other side of glass, first)

*Paint other parts with fabric colors and finally the background.


  1. You can get all the glass painting and other art materials in RS opposite Adyar Telephone exchange. You will go crazy when you see the materials he has displayed there!! just visit. By the way, can anyone help me by giving me the details of the materials required to make lamasa dough?

  2. Hi Supria,

    You paintings are very beautiful. What brand of paints do you use when doing reverse glass painting? I live in the U.S., and I want to try to find these paints here. Thanks for helping a beginner to get started! :-)

    Kind regards,


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