How to do Sand Painting


This is another beautiful work that you can do this summer with your kids at home. Sand with different colors are used to create a beautiful wall hanging.

Materials Required

Sand-Various colours
Hard Board framed with cloth
Fevicol or glue
White carbon paper ( if you use black cloth)/ Yellow carbon paper (if you use anyother color)
Fevicryl-Various colours

Choose a design you want to trace. Next, trace the design on to the hard board using the carbon sheet.

Put glue on a part of the design. Then scatter the sand over the glue evenly. Pat the sand thoroughly so that the sand fixes firmly onto the hard board. Keep it sometime for drying. Now reverse the hard board so that excess sand falls out. In a similar way, complete the design by filling the sand, part by part.

You can use fevicryl paints to complete the design.

Now your sand work is complete. You can frame the work and use as a wall decoration.


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  2. Hi Maddie

    Sorry, I had not visited this blog for quite a few days. Thanks a lot for explaining the procedure for sand painting. I’ll also just give it a dry.

    BTW I had a doubt, do we have to mix the colours with the sand before sticking it or we can glue the sand on the design and then paint it with the colours

    Sorry for troubling u again.


    • Hi Imran,
      Its similar to painting on cloth just the difference is the base is glass and you should reverse glass technique. First trace the design on the glass and in the reverse side using gum apply sand and then remove the excess sand. The sand should be powdered properly. thanks

  3. Hi, I am really impressed by your site. Are you in Bangalore? I would like to try to velvet cloth embossing. I have to try for the puffy medium. Thanks for the tips. Decoupage sounds simple too. Will try. Thank you.

  4. Hi your paintings are really good! I am planning to start. Thx for your tutorial. Its really intersting I was searching for a long time how to do. Now I can spend easily my weekend.

  5. in this sand painting where can i get the “hard board attached with cloth” in bangalore. iam at HAL. is this material available in shop or we have to attach the cloth in hard board bcas iam new to this field. thanks.

    • hi…lakshmi, buy cloth from any fabric store and then give it for framing to a frame shop – he must charge you according to the size. There is a Patrick Frame Shop in Marthahalli or any frame shop in Thipsandra.

  6. hi madhavi, i liked this site a lot and spend most of my time in this site. i too want to be a member and share my thoughts and also make more friends. by the way i am also from bangalore. thks. pushkala

  7. Procedure is easy to understand .I am also planning to do .Aneway what is ceramic actually ………i am interested to know .and i will do that.

  8. I am also working as a hobby instructer at agra u.p. the projects done on your website are really extraordinary.And i also want to publisite my work through ur site. pls help also i need some warli & madhubani designs

  9. Hey.. can u please tell me the place(shops) where i can get the velvet cloth in Bangalore.Can i get it in thippasandra? Thank you.

  10. hello…… i didnt find any design,, can u plz tell ur site adress,,,, thanks for giving immediate response to all of them who expressed doubts.

  11. Hi Your work is really great. I am also from bangalore. Can you please tell me Is there any craft shop in banashankari or jayanagar? where i can get craft items like color sand etc.

  12. hi… i would like to do pot painting.. and i want it to have a festive look like with mirrors and kundans.. is it possible that the base can be done with sand painting..


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