How to do Texture Painting on Canvas


In this video you will learn to do Texture Painting on Canvas

Materials Required

Design Sheet
Color Printout
Carbon Paper
Camlin White Texture
Polyethene Cover for making Cone
Sand Paper
Oil Paints

How to do

Trace the design on to the canvas using a carbon paper. Next, make a cone using Polyethene Cover. Fill the cone with camel texture white. Emboss the design using a cone filled with Camel texture white. This will give it a 3D effect.

Using Sandpaper smoothen the embossed design. Once the texture is smooth, its very easy to paint.

Let it dry. Once dried paint the design with Oil Paints. It takes 2-3 days to dry. Once completely dried spray varnish to get a glossy effect.

How to make a cone

Take a thick plastic cover or sheet, roll it in the shape of a cone and stick the edges. Fill the paste inside the cone and close it sticking the ends tightly. Make a small hole with a pin at the tip of the cone. The fine paste can be squeezed out in a thin strand.


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