How to make artifical fountain


Materials Required:
Things you need

Thermocol (while buying home appliances,thermocol is used for packing,use that itself)
2 inches thermocol sheet – 1
White cement
Enamel colors
First break the waste thermocol into small pieces and then take white cement in that add fevicol. In the proportion of 5:1 ratio and add water also in that mixture to form semi liquid state.

Now just take the each small piece of thermocol and dip fully into mixture and place in newspaper to let it dry for 24hours. Follow this step until completion of small pieces.

After 24hours, that small pieces are probably like stones (that much hardened because it is covered with white cement).Based on the fountain size,stones should be prepared.

Now we have to design base,take 2 inches thermocol cut it into 3 pieces, one piece for back side,then other two pieces for both sides. If back side width is 12 inches means 6 inches width is enough for other two sides.Length is same for all 3 sides.Join the sides with main back side piece with the help of fevicol,ball pins and cello tape.Now the base fountain shape is ready.

Take the white cement mixture and dried stones,just dip one side of stone in that mixture and stick it in the fountain base. It looks like a raw finishing fountain,stick the stones completely remember that all sides should be sticked with stones let it dry for 24 hours. You need thermocol balls,so that smash the thermocol sheet and take it.Now mix with white cement mixture and fill it in the middle of each stones hole.This gives greater support and it create rough surface finishing to the fountain.After filling mixture in the holes allow to dry for a day.

Its time to color the fountain by using enamel colors. At last fix the artificial leaves,flowers with the help of ball pins,shilpakar(M-seal) where ever you need stick it.For more attraction place ceramic dolls also.Let it dry for a week.

In back side thermocol sheet,make two holes to fix the the fountain into the glass container and pour water,attach recycling motor with the tubes. Now you switch on the motor and see how your fountain works.


  1. hi
    thanks for ur explanation,that too with thermocol ,it is cost effective also, instead of using stones,like searching for marble stones etc,,
    could u please post us the photograph of ur fountain made with thermocol,


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