How to make Braided Rug?


Old Bed sheets

Braided Rug

How to do

Cut 1 1/2 inches wide and about 12-15 inches long strips from old bed sheets and old cloth. Take 3 pieces and stitch one end of them together. Then pin this end to a pillow and start braiding. attach new pieces as the old piece comes to an end. to attach new piece make a slit near the end of the previous piece and a small slit near the beginning of the new piece . place the new strip on the old strip so that the slits are on top of one another. then pass the loose end of the new strip through this slit from below and pull it through so that a knot is formed. attach new strips as old ones come to an end in this way and continue braiding. when you are done stitch the last 3 ends together. then start stitching the braid from the center with some sturdy thread. though this takes a lot of time but the end product is good. Once you start doing it, you will get the hang of it and know how to proceed. This rug is made from 130 feet long braid. so you will have to make a very long braid. Only patience is required.



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