DIY Iris Folding – X’mas Tree

  • Take a Christmas Tree pre-cut design stencil.
  • Take 4 colour glitter papers. Cut them into small strips of 2 cm wide and 6cm of lenght. Fold the long edge of the strip by 3/4 cm.
  • C0lour A – Brown – used for the bark of the tree
  • Colour B – Red – Start from the left side corner and bring it to the centre.
  • Colour C – Green – Start from the right of the tree to bring it to the centre of the tree
  • Colour D – Goldern – Strart at the base of the tree (above the bark) to nring it to the centre of the tree.
  • christmas-tree

  • Now start placing the folded strips to the edge of the stencil and make sure you are working on the rear/wrong side of the stencil and sticking the strips with cello tape.
  • Continue sticking the strips in sequence (i.e. red, then green and golden) until you reach the centre . As you finish you will notice that the order is moving in a clockwise direction.
  • You can stick any colour paper in the centre or leave it empty, as per your wish.



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