How to make a Rug out of wool


Hi guys
I have been hoarding a lot of wool over the past few years, Suddenly I realised they have lost their shine. So I decided to put them to a better use, what better way to use them – make rug.
Its very simple and easy to make.

So lets begin:

Materials Required:
Wool of different colors

How to

First Cut stripes of yarn. Next you have make a intersection loop like this. Rest of the steps are very easy.

You need to start braiding like a plait.

Continue braiding.

This is how it will look. You need to make the length as much as round shaped your rug you want.

Now you have to start joining the completed braid to a round shape.You need to sew them using the yarn of the same color.

Once completed sewing, this is how your rug will look like. Its very simple and easy to make.

If you are interested do check this video tutorial of the above


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