How to do Mirror Engraving


hi to all…..

Initially i felt its mirror etching but the more i did i felt its mirror engraving not etching. I am happy with the end result.

Materials Required

a carving or art knife,
some steel wool.


Trace the picture on the back part of the mirror.
Press the tip of the knife and go over all the edges so that all the pencil markings are replaced by knife etches. With the blade of the knife remove the grey-coating in between the outlines. For eg: for the shoe- have removed all the grey-coating but have left the grey-coating where the strap is (when you turn the mirror- right side up, the strap area will have the mirror but the other area will have plain glass).
Use brasso and steel wool and gently clean the area where the grey coating was. When the full picture is etched this way, place a gloss/matt cardboard at the back.

I have done the background by affixing a glossy-grey cardboard and giving it that shadow effect, but you could be more innovative and could also paint it with shiny glass paints so that it gets a more rich look.


  1. Hi, I like your work.can u tell me what is the difference between engraving and etching? I want to learn both me.

  2. hi;
    this is superb .tillnow i thought etchingand engraving are same. am i correct or not?plz help me.if not tell me the method of engraving the mirrorplzzz.waiting for ur reply.

  3. its awesome work madhavi!!!!!!! wre do v get tat tool????? is any chemical involved?????? pl post d tutorial soon. jus checked al ur works. they r mind blowin :)


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