Product Review- Know everything about Anchor Long Stitch


Don’t we all love to spend some quality time doing what we love to do. I love doing craft related stuffs it makes me sane and keeps my temper down, its like meditating for me.

Anchor has a real wide range of products in their long stitch line, I have done a lot of pieces in the past few years.

Longstitch starter kits are great for children as they don’t have some many stitching holes to go up and down on and this selection of design don’t have to many coloured threads making the projects not to difficult. They are also great for anyone just staring out in long stitch as they are quick and easy to complete. The kits are complete with all the things needed to stitch the design.

There are many wide range of kits available in the market according to your choice and taste. You can choose any style of kit . The instructions are very simple and easy to do.

If you are interested in knowing how to do keep watching the video.



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